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  1. We have been to Barcelona several times and would like to do something outside of the city on this visit. We will be there a couple days before our cruise. We are looking at a couple options: Taking the train to Zaragoza on our own. A tour to Pals/ La Costa Brava. A tour to Besalu, Rupit (Castle of Rupit), stopping in Tavertet before going back to Barcelona. A day tour to the Pyrenees Mountains, stop at Queralbs village, ending with a trip to the peak of this Pyrenees. Any ideas and/or suggestions would be helpful. Even if to eliminate a tour.
  2. We will be there in November and are trying to book something as well. Any help about locations, what to see, where not too go, would be very helpful.
  3. Trying to get some iformation on Tangier, but when I did a search of this board nothing came up. Anyone with any suggestions on this port? I will go ahead and google, but would love some input from those who have already visited. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info, I just got moved to select dining, and already made my dinner reservations! DONE!
  5. We have always used anytime dinning, but for our next cruise it was full and we are assigned the early dinning at 6pm. That is the time we are leaving most ports. Must you be in the dinning room by 6pm? Will they lock you out if you arrive late? And I read above that you can just go to 'anytime dining' even if you are assigned the early dining? Is that always true?
  6. When in Livorno, we hired a taxi for the day. Not a tour guide, just a taxi/cab. It was waiting for us when the ship docked and took us first to Pisa for a short stop. It was early am and very few people there. Kids loved it. The taxi then took us to Florence and just dropped us off. We had made reservations to see "David", so we walked right in without a wait. Again, kids thought that was really "cool". We then just wandered around Florence, very walkable, stopping at some sites we had already decided on pre-cruise. We had lunch, ice cream and our taxi was waiting for us at the meet up stop. We arrived back at the ship with time to spare. It was one of the favorite stops for us and and the kids. Very relaxed and Florence is beautiful. So do some research, and depinding on what you want to experice, don't eliminate the stop due to the distance.
  7. Thanks, did not think of just doing the train one way. That way we could head to Soller when we get off the ship, returning on the 12:15 train. Lots more time in Palma that way. When I checked the website for the train, it will only take reservationns 7 days in advance. My concern now is it will be sold out way before that with a cruise ship in port. I will check out the thread you suggested.
  8. We will be 1st time visitors, arriving at 8 and leaving at 6....which means all aboard around 5. After reading all the info on this port I am hesitant to book an excersion, as there would be very little time left to visit Palma. But at the same time, the train to Soller sounds wonderful. I am wondering if we can buy our own round trip tickets for the train to Soller. https://trendesoller.com/eng/index The 1010 to Soller and the 2pm train back to Palma. This would give us a couple hours in Soller and then a couple hours back to enjoy Palma. Is this doable?
  9. We get off out ship in Lisbon this November and are planning a couple nights there before flying home. First time in the city and would like suggestions on where to stay...at least what area to stay in. We will not have a car and would like too be able to experience/enjoy an area that is safe and walkable. And any opinions about what not too miss in that short 2 day time period would also be appriciated. Thanks
  10. We are looking for hotels ideas as well. At least the best location for 1st time visitors.
  11. We will be staying in Lisbon for a couple days after our cruise. Can you recommend a hotel? Or at least an area that would be good for 1st time visitors?
  12. Do you make the reservations online? Or do you need to do it thru the app? And were you notified by email that reservations were open? Or did you have to just keep checking? Thanks for your help
  13. Those of you that know the Allure well.... My cousin and I (both ladies in our 60's) are going on her for a 3 day girls trip. We choose the anytime dinning. We love being active. Can you give me any advice on where to eat that is complimentary, what we should not miss. Any hints that will help us get the most out of our 3 days? We plan to stay on board at Nausau, as we have been there many times. Will there be things to do when in port? Thanks for any help you can give us.
  14. Do you know if they provide long term parking for a car while on the cruise?
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