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  1. Thanks everyone for your comments! I feel like I made the right decision. We spend mornings and evenings out there just watching the waves so I bet we will end up loving it. Thanks PCVTmom for posting a picture. It's not showing up for me at the moment but I appreciate you taking time to post!
  2. I'd love to see pics of extended balconies. We were offered an upgrade to switch from balcony to extended balcony on the Miracle. I went for it bc I see it's 20 sq ft bigger and with as much as the 4 of us spend on our balcony we could use the extra room! But on the other hand, I was reluctant because I had to go up 2 floors (from 6 to 8 ) and I really prefer to be lower to the water. I am not a fan of heights at all. Hoping the bigger size is worth it! I'm hoping your pics and/or reviews of them will get me excited and knowing I made the right decision! Thank you!
  3. Thanks for the detailed map! very much appreciated!
  4. We would like to go to the turtle farm, Hell, and then the beach. Are there bus stops at these places, or cabs? And does anyone know the approx cost for transportation? Thanks!
  5. Exactly the info I came here looking for! My kids want to see the turtles and go to the beach. I guess we can catch a taxi at the pier? And then catch another one at the turtle farm to take us to the beach? How does that work? Or is there a bus stop?
  6. Thanks everyone for the great info! We are looking at a late-May sailing and will be with a 12 and 14 yr old. I just don't want them to get bored with lack of activities, and we do all enjoy the eateries that Miracle does not have. But I love the idea of it being a smaller, less crowded ship. There's a lot to be said for that!! As long as there are lots of trivias, games, karaoke going on, we will be fine 🙂
  7. Hi all! I am looking to book a cruise out of Tampa, but have never sailed from there, and the Miracle doesn't look like it has much as far as upgrades. Guys burgers? Waterworks? Is it a nice ship? Is Tampa a good port? My other option is sailing from Baltimore on the Pride, but we did that last yr....and while we loved the Pride, a different experience would be nice. Any and all info is welcome! Thanks!!
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