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  1. My husband is disabled. He does not need a scooter or a wheel chair. He is legally blind. Has no peripheral or night vision. Being disabled does not give you the right to be rude. We have been standing in the disabled line getting on southwest where a couple came running down the walkway to the plane yelling wheelchair passengers with their lap dog in a carrier. They pushed right past us. Neither was in a wheel chair. Some disabled people think they don’t need to follow rules. When we go to the lido we find a nice table and my husband says you know what I like so just bring me what looks good. He orders us drinks while I am gone. He doesn’t want to get in peoples way or get trampled by rude passengers. I think the author was just commenting on rude passengers. Not all disabled passengers are rude. And you don’t have to be disabled to be rude either.
  2. We were on the infinity in feb. didn’t copy menus but was on summit in november and the infinity menu was not exactly the same. Lobster tail not on menu. It was lobster melange with 1/2 lobster tail and small shrimp and mussels with a sauce. It was not very good. And they did not have the beef tornades(sorry about spelling) a celebrity classic, but they did have a nightly special. You had to ask the waiter what it was. This option was not on the summit. There was a card on the table telling you to ask about the special. The waiter did not volunteer info.
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