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  1. Great trip report. Given that the trip didn't stop in a foreign port was the casino open?
  2. First boarding time is Noon in Seattle. I know it's reduced capacity, but it still seems to be very optimistic that all rooms will be ready (not just public areas) given enhanced cleaning protocols
  3. In the past we were able to head to our cabin, grab our keys from the envelope outside and leave our carry on bag inside the room even if the cabins were not completely ready. With new Covid regulations and cleaning standards can anyone who has been on a trip since the restart advise if this is still the case. Or, is access to the inside of the cabin prohibited until the rooms are 100% ready. Looking for input from people who were on cruise 2 or later when there was cleaning from a prior cruise required. Looking to select our boarding time and don't want to have to haul our carry on bags around with us if cabins can't be accessed. Thanks
  4. We were just notified that October 14, 2020 Serenity from Quebec City to NYC has been officially canceled. Now to make the decision of FCC or refund.
  5. Given that the Serenity was scheduled for Quebec City / New York City for mid September & October - currently the first trips back until this happened - any guesses on what they do with the ship? Do they just keep it out of service until Miami Roundtrip on Nov 12? We were booked Oct 14 out of Quebec City and hope that Crystal announces plans soon. Lots of non cruise reservations to be canceled or maybe changed but need to wait for something official.
  6. We were booked Quebec City to New York the week before on October 14th. Bummer
  7. Just back from a great trip that included a stop in Tortola. We fell victim to a scam there that others should be aware of. There were 6 of us in our group who wanted to take a taxi to Cane Garden Bay for the day. The posted taxi fare is $8 each way. Our taxi driver convinced us that we should pay the $16 round trip fee to him and receive a wristband and expedite the return. The story was that we could show the wristband to ANY taxi diver there and they would bring us right back. No waiting, quick and easy. We are all seasoned travelers and should have known better, but we paid him $16 each and got the wristbands. If you haven’t already seen this coming, there wasn’t a single taxi driver at Cane Garden that wanted to bring us back with the wristbands. Nobody denied knowing about wristbands, they just didn’t accept them or they would try to call someone. With the ship departure time approaching we paid a driver the $8 each to bring us back. He was very nice to us an apologized for the situation, but explained that the drivers don’t accept the wristbands for return trips because they wouldn’t get paid. He said the other tactic is to get people to pay for a round trip with a set pick up time for the return. He said most drivers don’t return at that time. Tortola is a beautiful stop. We have visited several times and really enjoyed ourselves. Please don’t fall victim to this scam. There are lots of cabs waiting to take your $8 and bring you back. P. S. in other forms folks have reported a number of taxi issues in Barbados too. Mostly around drivers changing rates mid ride or trying to drop in alternate destinations if they don't pay more.
  8. We were just on the Equinox and one of the officers said that it is going back to dry dock to complete the renovations but the date is still TBD. They are considering the first part of 2022 or 2023 but nothing is definite yet.
  9. We were on the voyage that just arrived. We arrived late / received late clearance from customs and they didn't start self disembark process until 7:50. They were moving rapidly through the numbers - we were group 9 and walked out to the curb at 9am - it went very fast once they started calling group numbers. You're going to have a great time.
  10. If your hotel indicates that there is an extra charge to bring a mini refrigerator to your room make sure you tell them it’s for medicine and ask that they waive the charge, most will.
  11. We also used RomeInLimo for a private Pompeii tour. It was one of the best experiences we could have had. No large group, easy to hear our guide, went at our own pace. Highly recommend them. We used them in Rome too.
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