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  1. 1. Don’t believe that an industry as large as the cruise industry didn’t lobby for bailout money. 2. airlines don’t register their planes in foreign countries to avoid taxes and regulations.
  2. First, I love cruising and have over 30 cruises since 1990. But let’s be honest. The cruise lines turn their back on the U.S. by not registering ships or hiring more Americans. Then they expect to be treated like airlines who buy Boeing planes and hire Americans to fly and maintain them. Cruise lines “try” to be U.S. friendly by investing in ports. When they start paying their share of taxes, then they should be treated fairly. I am glad the got no bailout money.
  3. The upgrade also upgrades the voom package to “streaming” giving you an option to bad cruise tv. I like Pluto for the off ship tv programming.
  4. We booked the August 26th in a sunset veranda. Always wanted to do the sunset.
  5. The mere fact that Majesty and Empress are not on the list for U.S. sailings lead me to believe their days in U.S. waters are over...
  6. Enchantment lengthening included expanding mechanicals on decks 1 and 2. Grandeur shoehorned in more cabins in existing space. No space allocated for the increased water and sewer demand. Royals greed apparent. I was on the ta for the cruise prior to the ceo inspection of the amplification. Watched crew spray oil on hull in Cadiz and scramble to clean up and paint in Tenerife. Captain avoided passengers until last day at sea and got blasted by passengers furious about the condition. Enchantment added Boleros, concierge lounge during lengthening. I was on her out of Philadelphia during her
  7. I got my allure ta refunded in 9 credits. 6 for shoe ex. and dining. 1 for taxes and port charges, 1 for cruise fare and 1 for air to sea.
  8. If they close the straw market on coco cay, RCI and the ship(s) visiting staff the island. No contact with Bahamian citizens. Makes coco cay very easy to make a “test port”.
  9. Our last GoS cruise was the ta after she was “revitalization “. We called her Sewer of the Seas. They added cabins and deck 4 smelled like sewage. Some cabins had no water. I will not mis her. Did 5 weeks on Enchantment and prefer her.
  10. One or two more cdc no sail orders and I see Majesty and Empress Turkey bound.
  11. Personally, I have a problem paying for specialty dining and cooking my own meat.
  12. I think RCI should countersue for court costs. If he plead guilty, then he takes responsibility for his actions. The video even shows he knew before he picked her up that the window was open. RCI did nothing wrong.
  13. They can unload them on the new Pullmantor when it starts back up
  14. I actually have an emergency route sign off a cabin door from Song of America...
  15. Was told by captain on Allure the crown and anchors on oasis and allure came from Monarch
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