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  1. So far in our MyNCL the Premium Plus package isn't showing. We do not cruise till November.
  2. We loved the deck 7 aft junior suite. To us it was the perfect location.
  3. Great pictures, glad to see new carpet because in December deck 7 smelled horrible. It looks like they removed the hanging sculpture from the center of the ship.
  4. Depending where they stocked their milk it may be all they could get or this could be their backup stock for when more milk then expected is used. Outside the USA they are pretty common and becoming more common here. We are used to shelf stable milk because we travel to Mexico yearly. I buy them at home to pack in my daughter's lunch with ice packs. Poking the straw in and folding the tip down then squeezing the box is great for putting it in cereal or into a glass.
  5. If it shows up in your cruise planner pre-cruise you can use it.
  6. I'm not seeing any cabana listed under $249 on NCL. Did you pre-book? How did you use your credit for this? Where is the bird aviary for free?
  7. Just thinking that you might be able to get one decent meal there but not more. The resort and beach itself was really nice.
  8. Thank you, this is amazing. We have not been to Roatan before.
  9. I will look for this place, it looks great.
  10. Let us know when you get back. We have booked the food tour with them for May.
  11. At El Cozumeleno you can get a day pass but be warned the last time we were there, for a 7 day vacation, the food was horrible. Otherwise, we loved the place. We ended up going to town to eat at the end of our trip. It might be okay for the day though.
  12. We are the opposite of chair hogs, we get 2-3 chairs for our family of 5 no matter where we are. We realize that all of us won't be sitting on the loungers so why take more than needed. I don't know if I would pay for a chair or not as we tend not to hang out at the pools on the ship only on beaches. I have a condition that makes me limit my sun so I need to be able to get some shade. I do hate when we go for chairs anywhere and there are unused chairs saved. This happens everywhere that lounge chairs are used on land or sea.
  13. Does he like the casino? You could give him cash designated for the casino. Not sure what he likes or what his hobbies are to suggest something you could pack.
  14. I noticed the soda package only says fountain.
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