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  1. I understand that but it's still nice to visit different restaurants.
  2. Thank you everyone. I would like to see as many of them as possible but won't mind having the same spot every night.
  3. Do they assign you a dining room for MTD on the Anthem? Wondering if we could visit different dining rooms.
  4. Renting a paddle board or a kayak is considered an excursion. Other cruise lines consider them an excursion so I wonder..... At worst I will find out in November.
  5. Those aren't listed online for me to book. We would use it on that if we could. Do you book it once you get off the ship and still use the credit?
  6. Where do you find the float rentals to use the credit? We could not find any online to book.
  7. The one we are having a really hard time using is the shore excursions. We found NCL excursions way too expensive. We have booked our own instead of using the credit and saved money.
  8. What ship was this offered on? Is it something you could prebook? And if so, where?
  9. I had the message today also for our Thanksgiving week cruise. It was an offer to upgrade the internet and drink package.
  10. It is listed for my November cruise.
  11. You'll want ones and fives to tip several people anyways so bring them. Also, some places in port are little vendors that don't take credit cards.
  12. Empress took awhile back in May for us to get off.
  13. Also, does each person pick 4 items at Pincho?
  14. Bartenders can also see your photo so they know the correct person is getting the drink.
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