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  1. The current RC rule is you must carry on and limit of 12 - 17 oz bottles per stateroom. Results will vary. I've had them count the bottles and I've had them never look.
  2. It would be nice if you would post the link to your vlog a few times in this post so people can jump over there.
  3. On the Allure we were able to use it at the Hibachi Grill. You could not use the other packages there though.
  4. I feel for you. Not sure what change fees you would have with the airline but I would try to salvage the cruise.
  5. Did it on Empress. They gave you unopened ones in the Windjammer.
  6. The prices are amazing the last few days. Just checked my binder and we originally booked our cabana at $520.99 and with canceling and repurchase we are down to $299.
  7. Really? Should they pull their staff from the relief efforts on the other islands to clean this up for you? It isn't as easy to clean up as you believe. Mexico has been having this problem for years with the sea grass and although big AI resorts try to tackle the problem it isn't so easy to clean up. They can clean it today but since the ocean has current it can be back tomorrow. It will take months for the waters around the islands to get back to normal after the hurricane. Alert others of the smell but don't criticize the clean-up effort. They are doing what they can. Would you have preferred to skip Coco Cay? Then stay on the ship and make it a sea day.
  8. You only book one name so they only charge you for 1 cabana then on board you will tell them names and cabin numbers for the passes.
  9. I want to sub Food Republic for that night so I guess I'll make the call tomorrow when they are open.
  10. https://www.ncl.com/faq#!#dining-terms-conditions
  11. We are heading towards Somerset so maybe there.
  12. Yes you can but typically not good quality.
  13. You are correct the Waterfront Cabanas are the ones with steps into the water. The beach cabanas are set back behind the beach. We enjoyed the beach cabana.
  14. They lowered the age to go in alone to either 16 or 14. No more half day passes. Our cruise they are $47.99 but we booked the thrill park cabana for $299 which includes tickets for up to 6 people.
  15. In December we booked a cabana at Nellie's Beach and they told us up to 8 people, we had 7. We were not given wristbands just taken to our cabana by the attendant.
  16. HOSKI

    Daniels Head

    Is there a longer name for this app? I just tried to find it on the app store and got about 20 hits.
  17. Can someone tell me if there is a place in the Dockyard to get those good fish sandwiches? I like a good fish sandwich. Hubby would prefer pub food. We will also be making a tour in Hamilton and to BAMZ if there is good fish sandwiches close to those.
  18. We purchase our girls ornaments of their travels so I cannot wait to see what Bermuda has for them.
  19. We have the 3 night dining package and I reserved 3 restaurants online but now I think we would rather do Food Republic instead of one of the others. Can I cancel it online or do we need to call? Also, can you not book Food Republic online? It is coming up to book on board but I don't know if that is because I already picked restaurants or if it is always that way. Thank you
  20. It's not illegal to switch cabins you just have two keys., We do it all the time because we cannot book our 18 year old in her own cabin.
  21. I understand that but it's still nice to visit different restaurants.
  22. Thank you everyone. I would like to see as many of them as possible but won't mind having the same spot every night.
  23. Do they assign you a dining room for MTD on the Anthem? Wondering if we could visit different dining rooms.
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