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  1. Anthem is my favorite ship so far. We loved it but I understand what you read. There were a lot of first time cruisers on her and a lot of people who seemed to be expecting more than what they paid for. Since it leaves a cold port the casino was packed most nights and not very big. I mean there were people arguing over machines. This was worst when we first left and at the end when we weren't in warm water. We also met some awesome people and tried to get machines close to the same people and cheer each other on. I missed the shows and could kick myself but hubby really likes the ca
  2. Please let us know when Bermuda opens back up.
  3. How did he do it? Was it right there at the cruise port?
  4. What was the cost of the rental for the day? Do you have contact information?
  5. Do you know if there is a way to book a car ahead of time?
  6. HOSKI

    Sea Salt

    Thank you we will be sure to buy some. We aren't big salt users but we are trying to use a little more.
  7. This is what we are planning for July. Glad to see you enjoyed it.
  8. You cannot wear shorts for safety reasons, pants and closed toe shoes. Ours started at 11 am.
  9. Zip locks to wash out swimsuits in. Hooks to hand up a mesh shoe organizer because some doors won't take the over the door hooks and mesh because plastic gets nasty and cracks. Open your suitcase and slide under the bed for dirty clothes then you are already part way packed.
  10. Hair straighteners are permitted and can double as an iron.
  11. No because you are drinking on the ship not land. The only place that I know of that makes them charge an extra tax on board when in port is Texas.
  12. When we cruised in May the entire area was smoking. They had ashtrays and notices/signs for the who area. Maybe they are trying to split it now. It is a beautiful area with lots of breeze. Smoking areas are limited so please do not complain that there are a few places people can smoke.
  13. Pick towards the front of the ship because they have a beautiful smoking area at the back of the ship behind Boleros.
  14. I just saw a video from another angle than the first one I saw and I am surprised how clear it shows him lifting her out the window. Wow, I could not even imagine someone doing that. https://www.yahoo.com/news/royal-caribbean-says-video-shows-081943671.html
  15. Just cruised the Grandeur and at Adventure Ocean they gave kids who didn't have a lanyard one. They required us to show her card when she went in and they kept it until she left. We bought the lanyard with the plastic sleeve for our kids because on some ships you cannot put a hole in the card because of a chip.
  16. We like the change. You can now do sea day lunches as well as go to more than one restaurant in a night if you can eat that much. They told us when we used it that you can only make one reservation per night so if we went to two restaurants in a night one would have to be walk-up/space available. We also were not charged extra for the habachi. For us it depends on which ship and who is going.
  17. We have decided to spend 2020 cruising out of Baltimore and Bayonne to avoid air for family of 5. We will hit many of the same ports and we have been to many of them before so we just look a little harder for something to do different at the ports or plan something on board for one of the ports instead of getting off. One thing we found pretty cool is to look for cooking classes in the ports. Even if you aren't big on cooking they can be fun to learn to make and eat local food. Oh and we took a break from cruising for about 10 years and did all inclusive vacations so we are gla
  18. No they are not compensated, it is up to you to tip for your free drinks. We tip well in the casino and the service is always great.
  19. My kids, 8 and 13, loved it. They enjoyed time with us and the kids/teen clubs.
  20. Thanks for the suggestion of WJ for Thanksgiving. We bought the UDP again so we will probably book a specialty restaurant for Thanksgiving but I'll pop into WJ for the mandatory stuffing.
  21. Not the poster but I suggest you use magnetic hooks.
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