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  1. Thank you all for your responses. Yes leaving our bags at Airbnb is an option and probably what we will do.. I think that is the best option...gotta love the folks on cruise criltic. Everyone has alway been so helpful sharing ideas on CC. Thank you all again.
  2. Hi all: We will be disembarking in Seattle on Sep 7. We are staying at an Airbnb, however we cannot check in til 3pm. Does anyone know where we can leave our luggage for a few hours..we would rather not lug them around until we check in. thank you all.
  3. I have never had much luck with internet packages...Is there any reason it would be different on the Norwegian Joy..sailing to Alaska from Seattle? Most often i have been disappointed with slow and intermittent and felt it was a waste of money.
  4. We used uplift.com for our cruise payment. 1-844-257-5400 They were helpful to us. another number for them is 1-408-260-5156. Hope all works out for you.. We sail on Aug 31 to Alaska..
  5. gmbhardy Thank you for your help..
  6. WOW what a great response and quick as well. Ptroxx thank you i will put them to good use.
  7. We will be boarding the Norwegian Joy on August 31 besides the Buffet what else is open? Hoping to enjoy a Nice lunch while waiting to get underway. We are ready go. Only 30 ish days to go.
  8. LMADAM your pics are absolutely beautiful thank you for the advice..nice, nice, nice...
  9. Good Info here thank you very much..i will certainly check it out
  10. I have a D5300 body and Nikon 35mm lens as well as what i mentions in the post..I am currently looking for D500 which if i buy used is affordable.. I just want to say what a great community this is and I appreciate everyones input. Masterdrago those are some very nice pics.
  11. Hi All...currently i have a Nikon 18-200 and 70-300 lens in my bag..Will these be sufficient for an alaska cruise. Do you think i need a longer lens and if so what would you recommend.. Thanks
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