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  1. is your email a gmail? if so you could have unlimited emails by adding a + and random content such as hi@gmail.com hi+1@gmail.com hi+son@gmail.com
  2. You never know if there is a chip or computer device that has a keylogger, or other program that can extract information. It should be safe though to charge headphones, portable charger, or something that doesn't store data.
  3. Virginia is a little bit west of nassau so it wold get dark a little bit later, it's als cloudy over there
  4. We counted atleast 6 but looked away at one point, It's either that or a family emergency of some sort.
  5. I be sure to let you know. And if I dont get them by my cruise Il try to write down the songs i know. Though I'm not great at recognizing songs by ear so it may not be a full list.
  6. thank you so much. I have actually already found your site and used it to make a playlist for Celestial Strings And Soulbound. You are amazing.
  7. Hey everyone. Im getting excited for my upcoming cruise on the panorama and had a couple of questions about the new shows onboard the panorama. 1. What songs are in the shows? I like to make a playlist of the songs so im familiar with them before I watch. I get more enjoyment that way. 2. How would you rank the four shows? 3. Do you have any good clips or pictures of the shows? Thank you so much in advanced.
  8. Merry Christmas. Dont worry too much Your enjoyment is number 1 priority.
  9. Could you snap pictures of the fun times as you get them or even after the cruise is done? If not thats ok. I hope you have a fun time. Keep her clean for me.
  10. the us coast guard wont be able to investigate until the ship gets back to NO we wont know anything until that happens.
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