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  1. Thank you! So glad to hear it! There was nothing in the cruise planner in the app and I love the shows.
  2. Thanks! The current app doesn't show any so I was worried.
  3. Are there any shows or comedians or anything on Mariner right now? All I see in the cruise planner is outdoor movies. We sail on Friday and I was so looking forward to this part of cruising again.
  4. We cruised on 7/19 on the Freedom of the Seas out of Miami - 2 parents are vaccinated with 2 kids not yet eligible. Happy to answer any specific questions you have. We were not allowed off in Nassau unless we were with a cruise ship tour. There were certain shows the kids couldn't go to (there was at least one "everybody" option, not always at a time that worked for little kids) and they couldn't ice skate because that was vaxed only. We did have to sit in the unvaxxed section for dinner, but for most of it there was no one else anywhere near us. The last night the table next to us came. It was oddly empty. You did have to sign up for times for the kids club, but again it was empty to the point mine were often the only ones there. We are booked again on the Mariner for labor day, but debating if I want to pay for the covid test that is now required for all of us to board.
  5. Parents, Where were you able to get a free test for your 2 year old? In Florida, CVS and Walgreens do it for 3+ for free (even for travel if I am reading it correctly), but anywhere I've found that does 2 is doing rapid and not PCR or is making you pay out of pocket. Thanks!
  6. Thanks! Not sure why I didn't think to search for hiking trails. Thanks! I'll be curious if anyone has an personal experience doing any hikes or visiting any of the towns?
  7. Do you happen to know the name of the company? And do they have car seats available?
  8. We are thinking of arriving in Barcelona a few days before our cruise in June 2022 and maybe spending some time relaxing and hiking up in the mountains. Any suggestions of good ski towns/hotels/ spots to check out? How hard is driving in Spain if we were to rent a car compared to the US? Or are there any good tours that would take us up into the mountains? Thanks in advance!
  9. Not sure if it is the same as it was pre-covid, but we used it for the Allure out of Port Everglades back in Sept 2019, and it was totally worth it. When you walked into the port there was literally no line to walk up to a representative for those that had used the expedited check in. We quickly showed them the app and our passports, had our boarding pictures taken and walked on board in under 10 minutes. Most of that 10 minutes was spent literally walking from the entrance up to the ship and taking pictures. The regular line wrapped and wrapped on forever. We were just offered the ability to do it again for our July on Freedom (in fact I think it might be required now?). Hopefully it'll be as easy next time! We sail in July and September, so if you remind me I'll update with my experience this next time. Also, I think it has the option to scan your passport which cut down on the amount of typing.
  10. I know you mentioned there are only a few kids onboard, but any information on how the kids clubs are functioning? Are they open?
  11. My family is going on a cruise in a month (HAPPY DANCE!) and I know I want to book our anniversary cruise for next year very shortly. Is it worth waiting til we get on board for next cruise benefits? I've never used it. We would likely book a large inside or spacious oceanview (traveling with little kids, space is more important), so I don't imagine we'd get much in the way of OBC. Getting the room is more important. Wait or book directly through RC's website? Thanks!
  12. How can you tell what rooms are still available if the sailing isn't showing any more? I'm assuming they've hit their reduced capacity limit.
  13. Royal announced that new sailings on Freedom and Odyessy will be released tonight, does anyone know what time?
  14. How is Odessy going out on July 3 without a test cruise? Does anyone have any more information on Odyssey? I would like to switch to this ship (as I'm sure everyone else is doing too), but I don't see it as an option on their website.
  15. We cruised with our oldest when he was 1 to Hawaii and our youngest took her first when she was 6 months. I'm sure there were some struggles, but all we remember is the fun memories. It is different than travel pre-baby, but life is different than pre-baby :). Go, you won't regret it! If you have specific questions of how we handled things on board, feel free to message me. There is also a cruising with kids board that is a wealth of information. Happy cruising!
  16. Go to Royal's website now. They just announced you can cancel up to 48 hours out and get FCC.
  17. In case you haven't seen it yet...https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-with-confidence.
  18. Your TA can do it for you if you have one. Or you can just email royal's special needs email and let them know you'd like one in your room. You can also just wait to request one on board. Most times we have to ask for it once we get to our room even if we have requested it prior. On our next cruise (Brilliance) they told us we can't request it until our room is assigned. Something about it not fitting if the sofa bed is pulled out. I'm certain this isn't true or it sounds like a law suit to deny a baby a safe place to sleep. We have crammed pack n plays into the tiniest of inside rooms before (move the bed all the way against one wall and put the pack n play right next to you). On oasis class, you should have plenty of room to put it between the bed and the couch.
  19. We cruised with my son at 14 months, 19 months, and 3 years, and took my daughter on her first cruise at 6 months. Kids LOVE cruising! We have a 15 night TA booked in two months. They will be 4 and 16 months. The baby splash pad is small, but enough for them to get wet. The kids area is amazing. They have so many toys for them to explore while you play with them. My daughter didn't love the babysitting, but the staff was wonderful despite her crying. If your son is used to being left with a babysitter/daycare he will be fine, but do get reservations as mentioned above. All of the staff was wonderful with our kids. We did the sit down dinners each night and they always had drinks and a bowl of fruit waiting for our kids. They made special meals and brought cookies for dessert each night. In the buffet, I felt like the waiters were fighting each other to be sure we had what we needed. The room is plenty big for a pack n play and the ship will provide one. Other than their favorite stuffed animals, we really didn't take anything special, but if you go to the family boards there are a ton of posts of ideas of things to take with kids. We live and die by a schedule, so we didn't have much of late nights (and didn't get to see the night time shows on Allure) but we have always had fun and great memories! We did book a neighborhood balcony on boardwalk so we could see some of the aqua shows. Having a balcony was nice as we could sit outside and people watch while she napped or went to bed early, but its not critical.
  20. I was curious if anyone has had luck accessing a work VPN while at sea? There seems to be mixed reviews if it will work or not on the surf and stream package and I hate to pay for it if I won't be able to access my work anyway. We use pulse secure if that matters? Thanks in advance!
  21. We cruised on Allure with our 3.5 year old in August and he loved it so much we are doing a TA for 15 nights in May. It'll be his 5th cruise. Kids love cruising. There is so much to do all the time. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
  22. If you don't need the car seat anywhere else....You can take the train from the airport to downtown Seattle and then the free bus to the cruise port. My husband and I did this with our cruise luggage for our honeymoon a few years ago. The train is right in the airport and there were many people doing the same thing that morning. We babywear and took our 14 month old to Hawaii without a stroller (needed the carseat that trip as we rented cars and drove for several excursions). Alaska is amazing and most of the towns are completely walkable. If you do a shore excursion, you'll be on a bus or van so won't need the seat. There is a train in one of the towns (Skagway?) - little ones would get a real kick out of that. You'll have a great time! Alaska is amazing and cruising with kids really isn't hard.
  23. We are traveling with a toddler who still needs bed rails, but royal doesn’t have them. Does anyone know if the couch can just be turned around so he could sleep between the back of the couch and the wall? Any other ideas for creating a way to prevent him from rolling out of bed without having to actually lug our own bed rails? (Would they even work on a pull out couch?) Thanks in advance!
  24. We have the same issue with even younger kids, but I did see somewhere there is a company that will do horseback riding for kids as young as 3. I haven't been and haven't used them but Carabali ranch is the name I found. I have an email into them now to ask some questions.
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