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  1. Has anyone done the Crab Fishing at the End of the World. It's done through Azamara Cruises and through Tierra Tours?
  2. I am considering The Pursuit around Cape Horn in January in a Veranda plus cabin. I called AZ this morning asking about the included mini bar in the room and they told me it was beer, wine and spirits that was restocked daily! It's part of the deciding factor on booking the plus cabin. If it's just 4 1/2 bottles of alcohol, it wouldn't be worth it to us. Beer, wine and spirits would.
  3. Roulette tables are American. We were just on and they were $1 minimum chip on the inside and $5 on the outside. Not sure if it's the same from Miami though.
  4. I'm not sure the details. We were told by the YC officer and that it created the double issues of YC being left on the dock and members leaving without telling anyone.
  5. I agree 100% We will probably sail MSC again. We love the cruise line but this was "bad cruise for many"
  6. Yes, 7 YC cabins left at NYC, 5 telling no one. It created a huge problem with immigration.
  7. Again, I was on this sailing and I am a big MSC fan. HOWEVER, Oliver's Mom has hit the nail on the head perfectly. Her and I are both seasoned cruisers. I have 40 days on MSC. There were many many problems with this sailing. 5 YC cabins left at NYC without telling anyone because of the issues. Most YC cabins had private meetings with Allesandro (YC Officer) and Ziggy (Hotel Director of the ship) because of the issues we experienced. And HDOWNY: This isn't picking holes in everything. These were major problems we experienced. Especially getting stuck on the dock in NYC for the YC members. FYI, The immigration issues only happened to YC members because we were the first group to be called. When MSC realized what they done, they quickly rectified the issue.
  8. This was for the 23 day TA that just arrived in Miami on Sunday October 28, 2018.
  9. Absolutely! We will sail them again. I would never do a regular cabin though. Once you are in YC, you can never go with anything else!
  10. You will have a fantastic time. The ship is so beautiful! By January, they will have all the kinks worked out from her time in Europe.
  11. I would just like to point out some rebuttals on these statements. I was on this sailing. And again, I am a lover of MSC BUT: One of the things that was troubling for most people is that there was no transparency/communication with MSC to the passenger. NO ONE was told until we were docked in NY and was ordering a drink that they couldn't. Nothing in the daily or in paperwork or anything. We were told repeatedly that were working on the TV knowing full well it wouldn't be fixed for the entire sailing. This issue with immigration was almost unforgivable. Especially those in YC. I was one caught in this. We were taken off the ship with the promise from numerous employees and officers that we would just be getting our passports stamped and coming right back on. We were denied entry back on the ship. We had no coats, no proper shoes, no cell phones, no medications, numerous ill people were in wheel chairs, no wallets, no food/water, etc. Forced to sit in the terminal for 6 hours effectively loosing the entire day in NYC. We missed timed tickets and lunch appointments. This wasn't an immigration issue, it was an MSC issue because of lack of transparency and communication.
  12. Don't have an answer for you, but we just returned from 3 weeks in the YC and we brought home multiple bottles of this fantastic stuff! It smells so good! My grown son actually wanted some! The body wash/shampoo/conditioner have the same scent also.
  13. They have a couples room that is amazing!! It's called the Balneo service. You get a foot scrub/massage, a back massage and then 1 hour in this amazing jetted hot tub. They fill the tub with oil and bubbles and bring you tea and water. There are floor to ceiling windows looking out on the water. Best to do it on a sea day since it's so relaxing. Definitely recommend doing one.
  14. I would agree that it's not worth it either. We were in YC so we got it for free but I wouldn't pay for it. The sauna/steam rooms are NOT coed and they only have 6 loungers. They aren't heated tile loungers, just wicker chaises. I actually thought they were quite uncomfortable. It is a beautiful area though and all passengers can use the Spa Bar for smoothies, tea, etc.
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