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  1. Yes were were in both 10 years ago I loved every minute and we plan to return but strictly as a 2 week land vacation. I had chemo the day we flew to Venice everything I ate for almost a year tasted salty so I can't judge the food it looked amazing so we will return (fingers crossed). Want to try everything but need a picture of my husband and I dancing in St. Marks square :). Wouldn't let a nice lady take one for us and have want to do this again when we are at our best. Think I will check out some tours thanks folk's 2023 is looking good for Italy will post Pizza :).
  2. Stop 🙂 you guys are making me want pizza, I generally eat only Santapo's in East Boston or my own. But when it looks good I will try it. But then if it looks good I'll try anything. We have been to Carmines maybe a dozen times over the years and always have enjoyed the controlled mayhem and the food has always been good. That said I am going to look at Becco’s I watch her on PBS and her son was on Master Chef. My husband's grandparents were both from southern Italy we tend to cook from that region however I like northern Italian as well. Thanks you everybody am thinking near the pier
  3. Thank you everybody hope our TA comes up with some ideas as well. Would like to show the boy Times Square at night we love Carmines if they are still around. But if we go the day before would like to visit the Intrepid haven't done this in a long time. The boys haven't visited this at all.
  4. Oh my goodness we just came in from the Capital Grille in Burlington, Ma. one of our favorite steak houses. This is weird, but wonder if their the same group and will check this out next time we sail from Fla. You are a well of information.
  5. We like the train from Boston to Penn station. We will need two rooms have our sons both adults and our grandson. I'm thinking as we are sailing in March so the weather in the Northeast is unpredictable we should go the day before. Also figure prices will be higher as it will be the weekend. Costly in New York regardless of location, but have several months to save for the added expense. Thanks
  6. Sorry no info on hotels we arrived the day we sailed we generally take the train to Penn station and a taxi to Manhattan but a car service to Brooklyn (averages out to the same as a taxi and some taxis don't want to go to Brooklyn) we get it at Penn as well. You could check east coast departures there is some good information there.
  7. That is a great deal. Nice work, hope you have a wonderful experience with the Haven. Be sure to post a review.
  8. Looking for a hotel for the day prior to sailing out of Manhattan next March 2022. Anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking to check with NCL but haven't used them for this in NY before. Thanks
  9. We have sailed out of both Manhattan on NCL and Brooklyn on Princess also have sailed out of Boston. We live 40 minutes north of Boston. Brooklyn nearer the airport, harder to get to the terminal ( for us it was). Manhattan we go to Penn from Boston, hop in a cab 20.00 and 20 minutes later we are at the port. Think they do a better job than Boston port getting you through the process. Boston we use a service to the port but know Logan isn't far (Aunt lived near the airport she cruised with us) you could even take a subway, but you have about 20-30 minute walk from the closest st
  10. Thanks he weighs over that now he will be 12 in Oct.
  11. Thanks our grandson and I have a bet who will go on the slide that looks like a free fall and the ropes. I'm a young 65 and plan to beat him and our 2 sons out being first :). The Haven on the Gem was covered so just assumed this was as well. I've been in a hot tub on a snowy evening in Vt. but will wait and see how this pans out. Just having the dining in the same area looks nice. We do have Vibe over us but are way forward in 16106 so think we will be OK. Thanks again for sharing all your knowledge. This is one of the reasons I joint CC, most folk's are helpful and nice.
  12. Oh no we are on the Getaway from NY/Bahamas March 2022? Does that mean we can't use the Haven the first day or two? No roof could be mighty cold to swim that time of year.
  13. Yes we will be in a 2 bedroom this has worked for us over the years. Looking at the Getaway it looks like the cabin is smaller but the Haven itself has more space. We are sailing March 6 th. fingers crossed 😊. Thanks for your post as well I had our son read it now he gets the idea why we are sailing in the Haven and he knows he will still have access to the entire ship.
  14. We have only been in the Haven once in the DOS on the Gem. Was nice for the priority embarkation and disembarkation the pool area was small and didn't get much use as there were 2 larger families that took over the area from early AM to dinner time. Having the DOS this wasn't that big a deal except for the pool, but we managed. However we do get suites on all NCL trips we like the ease this allows us getting on and off the ships. We are booked on the Getaway in 2022 and understand this is a totally different experience from the Gem. Looking forward to cruising again and happy w
  15. This is great thank you. Our youngest sleeps in he will be 29 so this will be good. Our oldest at 35 is smaller so should be fine on the sofa bed he is like me up very early. Our 12 year old grandson will have the upper in the second bedroom with his uncle. Got nervous because the cabin looks a lot smaller than the one on the Gem or the Dawn. Have a good day.
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