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  1. The ship could do this prior to docking start the night before finish as we enter the area prior to docking. Anybody in question stay onboard until cleared. If they waited until they docked you would loose a day there. I don't think Bermuda should have to do the testing. I would go even with the restrictions and testing just to get back to Bermuda for a visit. With luck we will be there next May.
  2. Wouldn't it make more sense to check prior to leaving the ship? I would think no cruise line would want a port closed because they allowed people that are ill off for the day. Just a thought as other than on here I've heard nothing much my TA is mute.
  3. Easy Princess they generally go where I want when I want. We cruise NCL out of Boston or NYC, though really liked POA due to time spent at each port. NCL is our home port cruise line so guess for these would need to look at other lines. We already have 2 booked cruises with them from Boston 2021 & 2022 so hope all is well come the new year.
  4. My guess (only a guess mind you) is our elected officials don't have enough money interest in the cruise industry. If the powers in Washington were loosing money they would have gotten these issues settled ASAP. Sorry but it is an election year and all American's know these years are our worse. After Nov. we should see a dramatic turn around with everything. We re-booked for next year on NCL and Princess in 2022 + our NCL yearly Bermuda trip 2022 as well. So take heart everybody stay safe and live to sail another day.
  5. Oh I remember Costa Rica not funny but really is sort of now. Karma is a wonderful thing . We were coming off the ship for a tour and two young men were heading back, now I'm no raving beauty but was bald and bloated. One young man looked at me and made woof woof noises. Before my very protective husband could say anything I said your Mom would be ashamed of you, his friend was laughing so hard he tripped on a line and fell off the dock. The rude boy looked over lost his balance and fell in also :). They weren't hurt (thankfully) but avoided me for the entire cruise which was a riot to me to see them stop and go a different direction or leave an area when I entered :).
  6. Well always have good cruises on all lines we have been on. The crew on NCL has always been wonderful. Was loyal to another line for 20+ cruises over the years but after a year of treatment was told in remission we celebrated on a trip NYC round trip Bahamas on NCL Gem. The crew made me feel special and it was a trip so great (even though my taste buds were still out of wack) we tried them again the next year, then the next etc. :). We travel only NCL for all home port cruises (that would be Boston or NY). It's not the ships so much we are not social folk's but the crew. Some foods I look forward to (foodie here) and just the easy feeling we have on NCL. Even POA that we were told crew was not the best, found this not to be the case. Looking forward to next May.
  7. Thank you everybody. I had an enjoyable lunch time today. Will be glad when my old CC is back. Well back to work but with a smile.
  8. First Thank You iggyc for a nice post and a positive vibe. On NCL it is easy Bermuda (we loved POA but hated the flight). Bermuda has a lot of memories for us and we hope to create more next year in May. For ports other than with NCL all Alaska trips (3 total so far) I love the peacefulness of cruising the inside passage. So much beauty so relaxing. Someday I want to take the boys, it's a must see as far as I'm concerned. Europe is great as well, but want the boys to see USA first. Bermuda isn't the US but it's an easy trip out of our home port of Boston so we can travel together.
  9. Well I for one hope everything smooths out. We have taken Princess LA RT Hawaii and loved the long sea voyage. That said we also loved the extra time on the islands with NCL. Which did cost more that the 2 week Princess trip this is true but would do it again. As a matter of fact even with the higher cost we hope to take the family there in a few years for the week with NCL. So please keep positive thoughts for those of us looking at future cruising in beautiful Hawaii. Take care all and please be safe.
  10. I agree we love Bermuda, the weather, the beauty, the people. We will miss this years trip. but have booked next May with the family and on the plus side that gives me another year to save so more money to spend there :). Take care everybody and stay safe.
  11. It's been 1 year for us we went to Bermuda last spring from Boston again. This June was cancelled of course. You are right I also look forward to chatting and learning different things on this site and miss this greatly. Well I am looking forward to cruising again in 2021 (re-booked to next May) and once Princess has settled down will book 2022 trip for hubby and I as we retire this year but have pushed all travel out. Please everybody stay safe and be well. Thank you for a more positive post.
  12. Same with us NCL is a home port line for us we love Princess though and have sailed 22 times all over the world on Princess. We are booked for a family trip with NCL (no flying) next May 2021 so hope they work things out.
  13. I am so very ready it's been 13 months since my last cruise :(. Now we need to wait until next May. Better safe than sorry we are both mid sixties with heart and lung issues, healthy enough to travel when no killer virus is out there. Will stay safe to travel another day :).
  14. Well things change hope we never need to find out. Still sail with them as we book by where and when not on which line for the past few years.
  15. Just the standard one we take when we fly to a cruise port through the cruise line. That time it was Princess with extra coverage offered to Platinum level. I was covered he was not. We went the afternoon I had chemo and we still had a nice time just couldn't taste anything so lost out on all the stops in Europe. Excuse to go back again.
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