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  1. The sparkling is terrible. I attended several years ago and the "auctioneer" was visibly upset that people weren't bidding.
  2. You should also get the port charges refunded. Enjoy!
  3. So, does this mean that we can finally get rid of St. Patrick's Day, when people run around getting drunk, wearing shamrocks and other green paraphernalia, trying to imitate leprechauns and mocking an "Irish jig"? In relation to the topic above, I think everyone would be better served if Princess spent a few dollars and pay the locals to dress up in native costumes. Princess could still use their photographers and probably make more money on the pictures. At the same time, the crew wouldn't be subjected to dressing up either.
  4. No comparison. I have used Uber and Lyft; they can't be beat in terms of cost or speed.
  5. Probably not a good idea to go onboard with a black light either. Floors are bad but the stateroom phone is likely the worst bacteria culprit.
  6. That has also been my experience. Drop and go with advertised lower EZ Air pricing doesn't show anything.
  7. I received a Drop & Go email, stating that up to $200 off EZ Air flights was being offered. When I clicked through to do a booking, the flights didn't appear discounted, similar to other EZ Air sales. My question is whether or not the EZ Air discounts are obvious when pricing out flights or that you must take Princess at their word that the flights are discounted?
  8. Nice thing is that you put in your order at the omelet station and it's delivered to your table.
  9. Both the 12 bottle gold package on the Sapphire last December. Found a good selection; only one or two were OOS.
  10. Princess should start loading these "coupons" on their app and save some paper.
  11. Did a 15 day on the Coral and saw a grand total of one fly the entire time. No to the vaccine.
  12. Have even seen them worn in the Caribbean. YES!
  13. I would ask a waiter or manager in the Horizon on the first night or go to a MDR. Even if the MDR isn't open, personnel will be there to hopefully assist you. I have ordered a wine package previously on a 7 night cruise, although not advertised/promoted.
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