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  1. Thank you so much for that information. I’m going to look into taking a cruise with them.
  2. Thank you. I would love to do the Columbia and Snake River cruise as well as the Canada/New England one.
  3. I am interested in booking a couple of cruises on American Cruise Lines but I am wondering if they are good for people who use rollators (walkers) or scooters. Can anyone provide information on that please?
  4. We just disembarked the Caribbean Princess on the 20th in New York. This cruise is supposed to end in Quebec. We were getting some height winds on our way down in Charlottetown and missed Sydney because of high wind. Fiona is headed right for Halifax and will be pretty bad unless conditions change. I hope you all are having a good time despite missing ports and stay safe!
  5. Yes, we were notified in the special requirements on our booking.
  6. We have always chosen our cabin at booking. We did it for this one but our TA messed up and lost the cabin because she didn’t follow through on finalizing the booking, thus the guarantee. It wasn’t any cheaper than choosing our cabin either. Same price.
  7. We have a guarantee cabin category on a cruise in December, so no cabin assignment yet. I know that you can get assigned as late as embarkation day. Can anyone tell me how that works, please? If they can't give you a cabin in the category you booked, do they upgrade you?
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