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  1. Where is this going to be located in relation to the exsisting terminal?
  2. Lilith (Lilly) at Headliners is such a sweetheart. She got our "hero" card for our trip back in December. "the restaurant never seemed more than half filled and even the bar closes at 5!" Guess it's 5 o'clock somewhere else. :)
  3. This post, in its entirety, is exactly what this thread needed. Well said. Coming from someone who's daily job is PLC's and VFD's (ironically a LOT of ABB drives) and deal with the safety of people's lives, it's nice to see someone try to sort out everything that is involved to anyone who hasn't worked in the industry, and may not entirely know how much goes into a system like this. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. I agree with the recommendation for Food Republic. It's not a free venue but well worth the price. We are there at LEAST once a day on the Escapes maiden transatlantic voyage. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. The above poster is correct. You keep the perks you originally booked. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. I'll be there a week from tomorrow and can't wait to go exploring the lighthouse again. :)
  7. I was really hoping to get the chance to at least bid on an upgrade to surprise the SO. Ohh well I guess.
  8. Darn.. that's the cruise I was wondering about.
  9. Just curious to see when the last week of Dec. cruise emails go out. Be interesting to see how many bid options there are for the xmas and New Years itineraries. Has anyone gotten an invitation for anything past December 15th?
  10. For good lobster, I have two words. Legal Seafood. Their entire menu is great. Even at the little place in the Boston Airport. lol
  11. Can't happen. Universal only owns the rights to Marvel for use in theme parks under an existing deal. Disney owns everything Marvel now.
  12. I never said it wasn't, but based on the warm water ones they serve on ships. It is. Most people have never had a real, freshly caught, cold water lobster. All they know is cruise ships, overcooked hibatchi, and Red Lobster. *shudder* Unless you're getting a fresh cold water, you're better off enjoying some of the other amazing seafood out there.
  13. Those 4 examples were the simple result of contracts expiring and not being renewed. I know for a fact, due to my job and connections, that one of them was NOT NCL's choice but the other party involved opted to not renew. I'm sure several others were too. Contracts have time limits and companies decide what they want to do after said date passes.
  14. THANK YOU!!! I've been saying this for a very long time and have gotten attacked by what I call the "Crustacean Commandos".
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