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  1. What am I missing here? The Summit sails out of Bayonne. Most of NCL`s cruises are out of NY City believe me this is apples and oranges. There is no comparison between the Summit and the Escape, I don`t care what the refurb is. That parking promo is not offered by Celebrity it is by some agency. There is so much misinformation on this topic it boggles the mind.
  2. Not going to read the entire thread so if this has been said forgive me. My experience with uncleanliness in a cabin was in a suite on Carnival. When we got in the room I wasnot that pleased it just didn`t seem "right" somehow. The next day as I was pulling the curtain back in the living room behind the couch there was a lot of garbage, dust, hair :eek: I inspected the entire suite I was disgusted even the balcony was a mess, clogged drains full of gunk and there were bugs all over. I called for the deck supervisor and he came within minutes. He took pictures. I said I wanted all the furniture shampooed pulled away from the wall and all the carpeting shampooed as well as the balcony washed. Then I asked about the vents he said the filters were changed every 3 months . This was a housekeeping issue. When we got back from dinner it was a different cabin...shampooed...dusted...furniture repaired. I was a happy cruiser. Allergies can come from many sources not only the HAVAC system....so inspect, inspect, inspect EVERYTHING.
  3. You may be thinking cucumber gin? Hendricks......They have it.
  4. She won`t be on this earth too long eating that menu:eek:
  5. very good helpful suggestion:D
  6. She has good genes:) There are other reasons to not eat meat:p
  7. perhaps The company she works for does not give out commissions until after sailings to the agents.........keeps more cash flow in the company;)
  8. Have 1138 in 2 weeks...........will let you know.
  9. This may be in building immunity in a child but if you have immunity problems ie.......auto immune diseases, undergoing cancer treatment etc. please use sanitary precautions in a closed crowded setting. Think of others.
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