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  1. Yup, got the email this AM too. The 2022 fares for equivalent itineraries have been increased, so rebooking at your prior fare looks to be a 15-20% savings at this time for 1-3 week cruises, Maybe more for World Cruisers. That appears to be inline with what seabourn told me prior to cancellation. I'm satisfied with those savings. On a 30K cruise, that a significant chunk of coin 🙂
  2. Like Mara01 above, any first time Seabourn cruisers interested in the OBC through the referral program can contact me at ebandman at yahoo dot com. I'm not cruising til July 3, 2022 however, so if your embarkation is prior to that get in touch with me.
  3. Any first time Seabourn cruisers traveling before or on July 17 interested in a $250 OBC email me at edbandman at ucdavis dot edu
  4. I still have one $400 OBC coupon available for a first time cruiser. email me at edbandman at ucdavis dot edu
  5. Anyone know if you can combine the old $400 coupon, with one new online booking to get a total of $650 of OBC?
  6. I have a $400 referral coupon left. Any first time Seabourn cruisers leaving before December 20, 2020 email me at edbandman at UCDAVIS dot edu and I'll submit it for you. I need your name, address, booking number and email address to complete the form.
  7. We will traveling July 2020 from July 18 - Aug. 2 2020. I have a coupon to share for first time cruisers on Seabourn sailing anytime before that date that will give us each a $400 onboard credit. If interested email me at edbandmanatucdavis.edu or respond to this thread with an email address I can contact you. Of course replace the at with the correct symbol above the 2 on your keyboard. efromwoodland now in Novato CA
  8. Hello, we are going on the same cruise and I have a referral coupon. Contact me at edbandman at ucdavis.edu
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