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  1. sorry you’re right I have family in Lisbon and it’s far from over but they are in a good place.
  2. just double check I think I saw it on the celebrity thread
  3. I would take £1,450 inc drinks, brats and WiFi... in theory it should be slightly lower than Celebrity
  4. Agree. also the algarve is great. I really enjoy vilamoura. I wonder why there isn’t a cruise ship port for the algarve....
  5. could even stop at Lisbon they have no COVID now.
  6. same if I get vaccinated in time. What happens if you book but haven’t had both doses...?
  7. if anthem is more expensive I’m going with celebrity.
  8. Has anyone got the prices for the UK sailings...?
  9. I agree. On a 3 night we tend to do a speciality once. On a 7 night we tend to buy the package for 3 nights On 14 night cruise we tend to stick with a 3 night package and often go 4 times. My personal opinion is that the MDR whilst good can be a tad monotonous especially on a cruise longer than 7 nights and especially if you cruises often. I am a foodie therefore appreciate the different dining experiences.
  10. I get that and I am wondering if it is worth trying a different line again. my auntie who we call the cruise queen because she has been on so many picks cruises based on price, maybe that’s the trick.
  11. Good deal but I am loyal to royal... tried many other lines and keep coming back
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