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  1. Hi all, Having returned from a very nice cruise I proceeded to completed the guest satifaction survey. Upon finishing the survey I became curious to learn which ship on average has the best guest satifiaction results.
  2. Hi all, What exactly is the point/role of the Diamond Concerige? They don’t appear to have much authority to make things happen? I think it could be such a great resource but just misses the mark. I guess the second question is... has the Diamond concerige even gone above and beyond for you?
  3. Yeh that’s true. I suppose the information on the app is wrong.
  4. Hi all, I am am looking at the royal app and it only lists one show per night in the main theatre. Is this right... surely there are two shows per night still?
  5. Yes I have been a number of times and we always drive down Saturday morning. It doesn’t normally take longer than 1.5hrs, it has taken around 4 hours once.
  6. I am also on this sailing and wondering the exact same thing.
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