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  1. agree with the all weather comment. Not sure a great ship in hot climate due to the lack of open deck space.
  2. Hi all, On my next cruise I will turn Diamond Plus half way through... Does Royal Caribbean automatically recognise the change in status or do you have to wait until the cruise has ended before you move to the next tier level? Thanks
  3. Is it me or does the Anthem of the seas pool deck seem smaller than Independence of the seas?
  4. Hi all, Having returned from a very nice cruise I proceeded to completed the guest satifaction survey. Upon finishing the survey I became curious to learn which ship on average has the best guest satifiaction results.
  5. Hi all, What exactly is the point/role of the Diamond Concerige? They don’t appear to have much authority to make things happen? I think it could be such a great resource but just misses the mark. I guess the second question is... has the Diamond concerige even gone above and beyond for you?
  6. Yeh that’s true. I suppose the information on the app is wrong.
  7. Hi all, I am am looking at the royal app and it only lists one show per night in the main theatre. Is this right... surely there are two shows per night still?
  8. Yes I have been a number of times and we always drive down Saturday morning. It doesn’t normally take longer than 1.5hrs, it has taken around 4 hours once.
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