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  1. My TA is cruise only and is financially devastated. She is associated w Amex, but prob an independent of sorts. She has always gone the extra mile and gotten things for us cruise line reluctant to do. I plan on sending her a check as we will be cancelling a lot of $ cruises and from what I read agents prob get about half of 10% commissions from cruise lines.
  2. So many good points pro and con. Biggest issue is getting stuck out of US. I think many of us are struggling with same issues. Too bad all cruise lines are not like Viking. That said, health is more important than lost $$$
  3. Correction. Viking still showing March and April Rhône Cruises. I guess my go to website is wrong. We are on an 11 day Scenic cruise, RT Lyon.
  4. Just checked ***** website. There are NO Rhône/saone Cruises listed for March or April. Mmmmmm
  5. Again wow. Our first riverboat cruise and we are going on Scenic. We are flying to Paris. No worries getting to Paris, just concerned about getting to Lyon via the TGV. JUST read an article that France looking to go to Level three restrictions on travel, in the next few days or week. That will def put a diff slant on the trip. Oh and we are ‘old’ too. Retired, but active.
  6. wow you are seriously thinking of going? My concern is the unreliable transportation given recent info about bus drivers not working. We are also on a south france cruise, departing April 13 with no CFar also.
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