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  1. many cruises

    UNIWORLD...nonexistent customer service!

    I don't understand how Uniworld is so highly rated. Our experience was not a luxury one, not even a middle of the road one. I will keep calling the Guest Relations Manager until someone responds... hopefully the Guest Relations Manager!
  2. many cruises

    UNIWORLD...nonexistent customer service!

    They did have gentle walkers tours 2 weeks ago, unfortunately the guide kept having personal conversations with one of the walkers and she let him take over the tour. We ended up leaving that group and joined another. The walking tours were mediocre at best.
  3. many cruises

    UNIWORLD...nonexistent customer service!

    I still can't believe I haven't received a call back. Uniworld was supposed to have a 6 star rating...in my book it doesn't come close. The food was subpar and the noise in the dining room was terribly loud. Where are you Guest Relations???
  4. After sending a five page letter to Uniworld's Guest Relations describing the many issues we had on board the S.S. Maria Theresa, we finally received a letter back of apology which conveniently ignored most of the issues described in my letter to Uniworld. After receiving Uniworld's ridiculous response, we called Uniworld's Manager of Guest Relations and left numerous messages requesting our call be returned. Another call was placed to Uniworld's main number and the representative said she would email the Manager of Guest Relations to call me back. I am still waiting to hear from the Manager of Guest Relations!