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  1. Two weeks before our trip to Italy my significant other wound up in a boot. I had planned a free day touring Rome on our own with a lot of walking. I searched for alternatives and found a golf cart tour for two. It was great zipping through the small back streets all day, also a knowledgeable young guide. For a cruise tour, our two day TJ Tour of St Petersburg was fantastic.
  2. I had no problem disputing charges well beyond 60 days with Citi and Chase. Just indicated that services were cancelled by me. Instant credits received from both, although subject to their resolution with Princess. Received final resolution within 4 weeks from Chase confirming >$6,000 credits.
  3. Are there changes that you feel would be beneficial for the US and/or US cruisers? I appreciate what you add to these conversations. I feel that I am intelligent but I find these laws complex and confusing
  4. We’re in the same position, cruise in late June, and will probably cancel before final payment due to the uncertainty. If Princess adopted the Viking cancellation policy it might make me reconsider.
  5. I’m missing the point, how does this affect OBC? We have always received the same OBC based on room selection and promotion whether adult or child. I guess the status benefits would relate to elite status only?
  6. Whatsinport & my internet searches show which ships are in a given port on a given date but I cannot find a website that indicates which pier the ship will be assigned. This comes in handy for ports with multiple piers that can be miles apart. I have seen people indicate specific piers, like Regal Princess was at pier 2 in Port Everglades on Feb 2. Just trying to learn something new, since I had the question about Cozumel and have had the question before for planning port days.
  7. When planning for port activities, how can I find out which pier we will be at in a given port? We will be stopping in Cozumel and they have 2 piers about 3 miles apart. I’d like to know how to look it up, rather than give my ship and arrival date.
  8. Wanted to see Alaska and was told a cruise was the way to go. Figured I would put up with the cruising so I could see Alaska. At end of cruise, couldn’t decide if we liked Alaska or cruising the most. Took whole family, 19 of us 5 families, on cruise to Alaska last summer. Everyone raved about the trip and cruising. 17 of us cruising the Caribbean this summer. They’re all hooked
  9. We had 6 diverse teens14-17, 4 boys & 2 girls, on the Royal last June in Alaska. They had a great time in the teen room, they still talk about it. Apparently what goes on in the teen room stays in the teen room. They only tell us it was great fun and they made several friends They also enjoyed dancing in the piazza and karaoke, we learned how outgoing they could be
  10. We did a multi family cruise to Alaska on the Royal last June. None had cruised before. Our 6 diverse teenagers, 14-17, had a great time. We didn’t expect them to use the teen room but they loved it. All they talk about now is doing another family cruise. so we’re doing a Caribbean cruise on Caribbean Princess in June. The 18 yr old is bummed out since the teen room is 13-10 only.
  11. Several people have mentioned that they added a BEST2 add on to their bookings that are for cruises prior to March 26. I called Princess and my TA and both said this is definitely not an option, only for cruises after March 26. Any insights? Any reference that I can use? I have a booking for Feb 2 with no included extras. We we would like to add on the BEST2DG since we already have internet minutes
  12. My TA said she was told by Princess that the promotion was only for cruises after April 2020, mine is Feb 2. Can I request directly with Princess or do I have to go thru TA?
  13. For anyone waiting to book on the new sale, i would book now on the Cyber sale. With the little info that is available it looks like fares will be increasing and you can rebook or do an add-on later if you like. Their flyer states " When we compare the fare for Best Sale Ever with our previous sales, we see that the vast majority of guests still have the best fare for their cruise."
  14. can you tell me where you found the info for the $30 and $40 options. Sounds great
  15. On a Medallion cruise what apps are now used? I’ve installed MedallionClass and OceanCompass. Are the other Ocean apps now incorporated in the MedallionClass app?
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