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  1. We are doing a 10 day port intensive cruise this summer. A couple of questions that my group has: 1. Can we watch movies (will there be movies) on the tv in the stateroom? 2. Are there any theme nights on this type of cruise?
  2. Thanks. We are staying in Venice for a few days after the cruise. So if I can bring it back to the AirBNB then I should be good. If I can also consume onboard great. Just thinking one of my excursions includes a wine tasting so if I like I will buy some.
  3. Not NCL but I would check out Romeinlimo. They have some great tours. Are less expensive. Limited to max 8 people. We are doing a tour to all the highlights in Rome for less than 100 euro a person. We very much enjoyed this tour last time and recommended this company.
  4. Can we bring back a bottle or two of wine when returning to the ship? If so, do they hold them till the end of the cruise or can we drink onboard? IF it matters we have the drink package and are cruising in Europe.
  5. If you haven't checked out the company Rome in Limo you should. They do excursions in some of those ports and they have an excursion share site that you can use. I used them in Rome and did the Rome highlights tour. We paid around $100/person with only 8 of us and the ship excursion for the same was like $450/person. Many ports are easy to do on your own as well with a bit of research. Check out Rick Steves, he has a free travel app and his books are great. Have fun. We will be on the Escape in June doing a similar cruise. Plan on spending a few days in Barcelona. It is an awesome city.
  6. I agree with the Rick Steves' part. Highly recommend. He has an app that has free tours. When I went last time, I used this app several times. In Venice, there was a tour riding the Vaperetto. In Rome, I used in in the Vatican. It was awesome.
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