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  1. extra clothes and clothespins, soap pods. If you are into a craft, knitting etc, bring along, a journal to keep track...accurately, your cruise/confinement. Extra cash. If you haven't done it, call your credit card company and tell them you're going on a cruise and may be out longer than anticipated (so they don't freeze your account for possible fraud). Notify your pharmacy/Dr. that you're going to be on a cruise and may need an emergency drug supply. (This won't help with controlled drugs however as Rx must be picked up in person).
  2. channel 6 just announced that on Tuesday there will be a new policy in place regarding the corona virus. Anyone with a medical condition or older people are being advised not to travel by cruise. Wow, this will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Such a shamne
  3. Channel 6 just announced those with medical conditions or older people should not get onto cruise ships.
  4. My daughter returned today from the Breakaway. All were hand sanitized before boarding the ship. Lots of cleaning everyday, all the time, lots of crew helping to remind cruisers to wash and sanitize. A new health form prior to embarkation relating to where you have traveled in the past 30 days. Other than that, typical cruise, no masks, no panics, lots of fun!
  5. I KNOW I can't ask for names, agencies, or even hints. I'm asking for those really seasoned cruisers; what were your thoughts when choosing either to book thru an agent, internet or brick and mortar store or direct thru the cruise line. Just want your thought process and if you've been happy with your choice. We're "older", don't require airfare for the most part, are independent and don't like dealing with trivial things. We like to cruise, never had a bad one, so not hard to please and we don't complain. Many years ago we had an agent that would book us on a cruise and THEN call us. She knew our budget, what we liked. She's now retired and I truly miss her.
  6. I don't have another cruise booked. I went to the MSC home page, the voyager page, the search function, etc. I know the answer must be simple, but this senior just can't find it. Thanks group!
  7. These comments are from 11-23-12-1 cruise in the yacht club, cabin 18043. We had chocolate martinis and did not pay extra, had gelato in the Venchi and Miami Beach bar, no charge. I paid for Camus wine because I wanted to see for myself it was good....ah, it was, but, I'll skip the $14.95 charge. The You Tube video does far more than I could do with my point and click camera, so no pics. I'm just going to make comments, they may be applicable to you, or not, these are my opinions only and no comparisons with other lines. From 3:35 to 4:45, on Sunday, ALL the bars had a choice of 6 drinks....FREE. Mimosa, a fruity something, martini, champagne and 2 others I don't remember. ALL the pools have a lifeguard on duty during pool hours. To have less people around you at the pool, slip on back to the Jungle area, hot tubs, lots of shade, drinks and a pool. It IS true, pools are over 5 ft. deep. Never crowed, no lines, no chair hogs. In the YC, no lines ever, no waiting, food available all the time, nice pool (cold to me, but I'm from Florida). Loads of places to sit and read, talk, play games, drink or just watch the water and your cares pass you by. Non hosted Sat night service. MSC had it nailed for the cruise critic meet and mingle. Lots of free drinks, plates of snacks from shrimp, to tuna toasts, petit sweets. ALL of the senior officers were there and answered questions. The Captain gave a great speech...why does this surprise me? Because 1 hr after there was a Captains cocktail for all YC guests and only 3-4 of the officers were there. They definitely made the point that Cruise Critic, their comments are taken seriously. The HUGE cake was a white cake with whipped cream frosting. Yum In the YC you were given a wristband, only thing you needed on the ship. Only used your room card in the cabin to keep the lights on and when you got off or on the ship. DEBARKATION....started with carry your own stuff off at 6:30...that's right! Those in the YC met at the lounge and we were escorted on our private elevator, downstairs to get off and taken to a line only for those in YC and off the ship. We left the lounge at 7:10 and were picking up our luggage at 7:25 (yes, we're slow walkers). A porter took our bags, to an immigration line with 2 people in front of us. Outside and into a cab in under 5 minutes. Can you believe there was NO crowded streets or people milling all over. Unreal, best we have EVER had (57 cruises) Loved our cabin, it was behind a bank of elevators and only 2 cabins there, no noise ever. Very FEW announcements what a pleasure. You can get your info via MSC app., in your cabin, in the printed material. Cruisers were from all over the globe, most spoke some English; communicating was not an issue. I know some have posted it was slow getting on the ship, but this isn't MSC fault. If you stay in a hotel they want you out EARLY so they can start picking up more guests at the airport that were staying in the hotel the night before, or did the drive and cruise package. Then at the port, you can't get inside the terminal until the previous ship is cleared! So, they stand I line outside at 10:00 and ***** cause' they can't get in...also makes for a nightmare of cruisers arriving and leaving. We sat outside watching people come to the terminal at 2:00...NO lines, NO traffic. Yes, you can check in early, but can't board the ship till the previous cruise is cleared. In our case, we had a cruiser who refused to leave, so ship could not be cleared, terminal could not open, those on B2B couldn't get back on either. (That's how we got our info, the couple we met told us they kept putting out calls for some people to come to Guest Services, but this one guy refused. They had to do a search and find for him). Again, now MSC problem, just an idiot!. Will we sail again with them? YES. Did they exceed our expectations? Yes. (I don't mention food or entertainment because that is too close to our hearts) My Mom made the best potato salad in the world, so no other restaurant, ship or friend could make it as well. Oh, I did really appreciate the OJ and grapefruit juice in the YC were fresh squeezed, that was a real treat. Book and enjoy! Linda
  8. Thanks for taking the time to do this review. Well written! We'll be on her the end of November, thanks to your review, I can't stand the wait.
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