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  1. extra clothes and clothespins, soap pods. If you are into a craft, knitting etc, bring along, a journal to keep track...accurately, your cruise/confinement. Extra cash. If you haven't done it, call your credit card company and tell them you're going on a cruise and may be out longer than anticipated (so they don't freeze your account for possible fraud). Notify your pharmacy/Dr. that you're going to be on a cruise and may need an emergency drug supply. (This won't help with controlled drugs however as Rx must be picked up in person).
  2. channel 6 just announced that on Tuesday there will be a new policy in place regarding the corona virus. Anyone with a medical condition or older people are being advised not to travel by cruise. Wow, this will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Such a shamne
  3. Channel 6 just announced those with medical conditions or older people should not get onto cruise ships.
  4. My daughter returned today from the Breakaway. All were hand sanitized before boarding the ship. Lots of cleaning everyday, all the time, lots of crew helping to remind cruisers to wash and sanitize. A new health form prior to embarkation relating to where you have traveled in the past 30 days. Other than that, typical cruise, no masks, no panics, lots of fun!
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