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  1. Good luck with your surgery .... it must be a stressful time for you. It’s lovely of you to respect the heritage, and it saddens me that I see more and more differences in our two cultures rather than elements we share, but I do so hope your country finds unity and peace. Jeff
  2. Your point is perfectly correct, but with respect your point has nothing at all to do with this situation and is irrelavent because you are simply saying that the dispute might finally be closed on the bank's/credit card's books later than if the cruiseline finally would have paid out which is as I clearly said - "inconsequential" to the customer because the customer has been refunded immediately with no chance of the decision ever being reversed. Cruiselines will do anything to dissaude customers from filing disputes because once this route is understood by customers and repeated in p
  3. Poor Carol has received a fair amount of bewildering attention. A few observations and corrections. 1. Filing a dispute with a credit company doesn't delay it's resolution. The credit card company will ask for the customer to try and resolve the dispute, but the customer is not obligated to accept an unacceptable delay in refund as an acceptable resolution. Opening a dispute might delay contact between the merchant and customer either directly or through an agent, and that is the deception that cruise companies are using to blackmail and stop customers
  4. Perhaps it is much simpler than that. For each month we move forward there are very few fresh bookings but the number of people on cruises that are being left to be cancelled diminish. So the candidates for FCC is also reducing. At the same time as uncertainties increase (the virus; how much is the FCC loading actually going to be worth on cruises that have increased in price etc ....) then the percentage of those on cancelled cruises likely to take FCC instead of a refund also diminishes. Also, when planning a restart you want your customers to believe t
  5. Quite right. Those old kosher birds grew slowly and had fat. Sadly the fast breeding birds that get to adult in a few weeks have pretty much no fat hence butter. As you are in a nostalgic mood you will like the chopped herring I made today. It will look like nothing to non-chopped herring people but I suspect that you will be able to taste it ....
  6. Thanks. It's all a matter of sound judgement and no one envies the decisions that have to be taken when in these unchartered waters where cruise line senior managers finds themselves. These are really difficult management issues where no one has experience to call on. But as the crisis moves forward so does those increasing numbers of grey areas of seemingly conflicting choices that need to be made. Often small decisions have enormous unforseen consequences. This is where sound mature and sensible judgement is critical. At the moment the managers of cruise lines are
  7. There is pate and there is chopped liver. There is nothing nicer than old-fashioned Jewish chopped liver. It should be seen as a dish eaten within a day or so - because it quickly goes grey and looks terrible - and should be thought of not as pate but as a dish made with simple ingredients in Grandma judged unwheighed imprecise quantities. The second time you make it it will be perfect. Take a pack of chicken livers and cut out the nasty central sinew. Fry them slowly in a lot of butter until if you cut a random liver in half it is pink and cooked and feels firm ra
  8. Hi, What you both say is both true and reasonable when applied to all customers booking a cruise without an FCC. However those that have trusted and supported Silversea should be treated differently from those paying new cash. Those with FCC are locked in. Unless there is some recognition that the risk they loyally took by leaving their cash with SS has placed them in a situation where they are obligated to take a future cruise and that their extra credit as reward for trust and risk has effectively been neutralised. That is a breach of at the very least the spirit
  9. Your thanks and peace of mind are more than enough! You may find this difficult to believe, but in fact you did exactly the right thing and could not have done anything whatsoever better. You put this on an Amex card who are probably the safest in these circumstances and you got the cash back for you to use now by opening the dispute. You could not have taken wiser steps. You needed the cash now and clearly in your unique circumstances could not wait for the credit to simply arrive. For what it's worth, forget about your anger with SS. Just focus on your husband's
  10. Hi, Genuine sympathies for your situation. I'm posting because I'm hoping that in your terrifying situation I can help by adding some clarification and therefore reassurance. You have enough to contend with without worrying about stuff you don't need to worry about. At the moment you have had a temporary credit on your Amex. This is pending either a proper credit from SS or an excuse that is accepted by Amex. This means that you can commence respending on the treatment as though the original transaction hadn't taken place. You've been told that this ha
  11. Generally speaking on almost all public fora then I agree that there is an almost overwhelming element of self-selection whereby a disproportionate amount of noise is from those with adverse comment compared to those with a positive comment. In those circumstances the balance can therefore be potentially misleading. On this type of board however that is in my view true to a lessor extent because the majority of posters are very highly product positive wishing to share their enthusiasms offer help and it is moderated with a clear commercial interest in mind. You wil
  12. Hi, Just a few words of sympathy and support in taking the trouble to detail and share your experience so others can take account of your post or not as they wish. Our recent exchanges have been about the difference in consumer protection for Americans and Brits and were made to add to the caution side of the equation. I hope others digest your comments alongside others to understand the risks they are taking when they "trust". You think these changes are "new" but they are most certainly not. I share our experience alongside yours because I think it was before yo
  13. >.>In the US it can be changed because the fine print in the general terms permits the company to make those changes without the consent of the customer.<,< Correct? Jeff
  14. Hi, Your points in the second paragraph if I understand you correctly rather confirms my exact point. The booking form is considered in the UK/EU to be an essential and unvariable component of the contract and it will state the dates of the cruise and ports to be visited. In the UK/EU this cannot be changed without the consent of the customer. In the US it can be changed because the fine print in the general terms permits the company to make those changes without the consent of the customer. In the UK/EU we have those exact same terms but they can be ignored because
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