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  1. This was posted by a SS executive on a SS Facebook site about a week ago. It gives some idea of their plans. Conrad Combrink Great to see how observant our guests are!!!!! happy to Provide clarity. 1. We are lucky, our ships Silver Cloud and Silver Wind are like greyhounds. They are fast. So even without reaching their maximum speed we can still crossed the Drake in 2 days as planned from Punta Arenas. 2. Yes absolutely The Falklands are requiring a 10 day “at sea” scenario to allow us to enter their territory. They consider Antarctica and South Georgie “at sea”. So we will reverse the itineraries where needed. South Georgia is open. We will communicated he changes / reversal of the itineraries soon.
  2. Very interesting statistics. I wish my city was as safe as the cruise ships. I look forward to my November expedition cruise. I will be doing all the things that I should have been doing in the past, but ignored: wash my hands often, sanitize often, keep my fingers away from my mouth and eyes and keep out of other people's personal space.
  3. It may be dependent on how busy your SS travel advisor is and days off. I have been in communication this week and had no trouble. Have you tried email to your advisor too? As we read the news, we see that these hackers are trying their best to disrupt businesses and government. No business wants to be a victim of this kind of attack and they work hard to get their IT systems up and running as soon as they can. It does take time, as we have seen in the news from other companies who have been victimized. I am new to SS, but everything I have experienced and heard shows me they are a premium company. Your cruise is in 2022. They will do the right thing for you when you are finally able to contact them. I am sure they are concentrating on cruise issues for cruises happening in the near future. SS did not get the good name they have by not taking care of their customers. They will take good care of you too.
  4. I had the same experience as harbourside. I was dealing directly with Viking, not an outside TA, and they moved me to the Mars, but on a reverse itinerary. I also had a 7 day pre-cruise trip booked and they moved that too, to the beginning of the trip instead of the end of the cruise. All prices remained the same, including BC air with Viking. The direction of the trip didn't make a difference, and it was a painless process with Viking doing all the work. I was happy to see that they honored the prior pricing for everything.
  5. I just saw this post on a Trip Advisor Antarctica site today. Maybe SS will be heading to Antarctica this year after all: Antarctica 2021/22 is a GO!!! Jul 6, 2021, 4:44 PM Argentina just announced that they are allowing cruise ships to arrive in Ushuaia. It is very encouraging to see Argentina working with the cruise operators to ensure departure and return to Ushuaia throughout the season. Of course there is a lot that needs to be figured out - entry requirements and protocols, controls on travel to / from Ushuaia, number of passengers allowed, which countries will Argentina allow / not allow passengers from etc etc etc. But at least we have a great sign that cruising in Antarctica will be feasible this year. https://www.facebook.com/tierradelfuegogob/posts/4246765542072450 Edited: 4:46 pm, today
  6. M&P Germany. I see your reference to the Europa2. Although I am an American, I have done 10 cruises on the E2. The last one was in 2019. I love that ship. A lot of fun memories. I have a copy of the music they play while leaving port saved on my computer and play if often. I may just carry my blue and white E2 tote bag on my November SS cruise 😂
  7. The Wind looks kind of lonely in this video, but I know she will be beautiful when they are done. I am looking forward to my 11/20/21 cruise.
  8. alolewis I am booked on that cruise too. I think we will both be drinking wine at home. I moved this trip from last year to this year thinking "what go wrong in 2021." I am waiting for Silversea to contact me with options. Unfortunately, I have 3 trips planned next year, so this won't fit into 2022.
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