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  1. Just got off the Statendam. Smoking at the Seaview Bar, Lido aft and Casino except for one day. Casino was well ventilated and didn't smell of heavy smoke.
  2. Probably not near as much as sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on a California Freeway.
  3. I would like to see that scientific study. I've been around long enough that I lived through the cooling scare, global warming, and now climate change. A lot of this type of science is based on how much grant money they can get.Linda of like our politicians staying in office to see how much wealth they can accumulate. Put that air quality monitor in a Casino and get some real research.
  4. I would say that if you got in a smoker's face as he/she was dragging on it you might get some smoke but the smoker already inhaled the carcinogens. Smell of smoke is a different animal. I can't stand it either in an enclosed non ventilated area. I just feel sorry for people that believe all the doom and gloom, like following the 16 year old, Greta, from Sweden. then again there are ships that don't allow smoking in the Casino. Life is full of choices isn't it?
  5. I guess you could just stay out of the Casino then if you believe in the second hand smoke bull. Not only that but Climate Change is more likely to get you first. 🙂
  6. You are more likely to die on your way to the cruise than a fire from a cigarette on the cruise.
  7. Don't tell it like it is.😂 The crusaders will hunt you down.Smoking is the greatest topic to draw the ire of many. Goes from second hand smoke down to the smell on someone.
  8. As a smoker I know where your coming from. Been through it many times just trying to get information and follow the rules. Lot of nasty people in this world. It's all about them.
  9. So I'm the bad guy on all about smoking on Holland by adding my two cents in as a smoker. Really seems that this thread is all about poor me I can't stand nasty smokers. " Find another deck to walk" on is realistic. Most elevators go to all floors on the forward, mid and aft of a ship, at least all that I have been on. I find that when a group of anti-smokers get an opportunity to vent we hear all the doom and gloom about second hand smoke killing off the World population. Come on folks, get realistic, my smoke really doesn't hurt anyone but myself. Now if you were really serious about smoking on the ships you wouldn't be gossiping on this post. You can complain to the Cruise Lines about smoking as I do about more area to smoke or simply chose not to go on a particular ship. I always check the smoking areas before I book. If I don't like it I don't go on that particular ship. We all have choices! Now go hug a tree and you might feel better.
  10. Don't walk through the casino! There is more than one deck on most ships.
  11. Well we all know now that smoking isn't good for your lungs, but I don't think sitting in a car in traffic is very good for the lungs either. So what you are saying is that every non-smoker that gets lung cancer is from second hand smoke? This subject could go on forever. That's like Cruise Lines saying it's because ashes can blow back in and cause a fire which they have never proven. All I say is give some covered space out of the elements.
  12. I have been cruising for 24 years and I remember those days fondly. Can't say the casinos were that bad. Most of the time they were pretty empty. I can't stand the smell either. There needs to be more areas to smoke, kind of spread it out. Covered areas on open decks would be great. Cruise Lines need to make a decision! Totally non-smoking or more space.
  13. To all my non-smoking friends? If you all hadn't been such drama queens about smoking on ships it wouldn't be so bad in the Casinos. What's wrong with smoking on like the promenade deck where it's open, the ships moving, and you really don't have to stand right next to me. No wonder kids now are called snowflakes, their parents sheltered them from everything. The Casinos stink, I agree, but there isn't many other places for smokers to go and we are really nice people.
  14. Darn, reading about all this smoking gave me the urge to go outside and light up. Can't wait for cruise on the Statendam!
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