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  1. We were handed glasses just inside the ship (so not on the deck but just as you come inside). we’ve only had breakfast in Blu so far. Dinner tonight was Normandie. The food was good to very good. A couple of service hiccups but stuff happens. Cabbage beach is over on Paradise Island (Atlantis area). We took a cab for $4 per person to the public part of the beach. Didn’t rent chairs but they were available from vendors. One of the ship officers said there were just under 1,600 passengers. I dont know how many are kids. It doesn’t feel crowded anywhere though that’s not to say venues aren’t full of people. But I don’t feel like I have to arrive very early to get a seat whether it’s in the theater, a lounge chair at the pool or solarium, or at a seat at popular bar.
  2. Like so many of you, this vacation is a dream come true for us. We’ve planned, booked and then cancelled so many trips since January 2020.. including a big family trip for our 30th anniversary that I had been planning since 2018. So when the Edge sailing lined up with the vacation days everyone already blocked out, it was kismet. For references, we’re a family of 6 (3 adult daughters and one new son in law). We have 3 Aqua class cabins on deck 9 aft. I posted about our check-in experience but I’ll recap here. We had a 12:30-1p arrival time. We arrived at 12:10, dropped bags, and saw what looked like several lines including a long line for retreat guests. There were also people not in line standing around. It looked a bit chaotic, but we found some employees, showed our arrival time and they walked us to the 12:30-1p line. We were inside the building by 12:25 or so, did the Vaccine card check where they confirm your health status, take a picture of your vax card and send you upstairs. No line at security. Then onto the Xpress pass checkin to show passports, then onto the ship. We officially boarded by 12:40. No wristbands were given out. Glass of champagne in hand we toasted the start of our vacation, found our rooms to drop bag, cried a little at how beautiful our IV cabins were, and went to lunch. I don’t know the official passenger count nor do I know if there are any unvaxxed adult passengers. I’ve seen some kids but don’t know how many are onboard. The crew are no longer required to wear masks though a few still are. Lots of smiling faces. The safety drill was very simple. We watched the videos in the app earlier that morning and just showed up at the muster station to get marked off. Here’s what we’ve experienced in our first 24 hours. The ship does not feel crowded at all. Everywhere we’ve gone there have been seats for our group. We’ve gone to the Magic Carpet a couple of times as well as the Sunset bar and the Martini bar and always found a table and chairs for our group.We had dinner at Le Petit Chef with same day reservation. I didn’t see the dining rooms so don’t know if there was a wait There was one show in the theater last night. We arrived 15 min before it started and easily found seats for 6 together. It was a little more full at the start of the show but still plenty of seats for groups of 2 or 4. . After the main show, we wandered around some more and while there were plenty of people about, you could still find tables open around the Plaza to enjoy the entertainment there. This morning we had breakfast at Blu. Got there a little before 8am, we’re seated right away and enjoyed a very nice meal. Service was wonderful. Getting off the ship in Nassau could not have been easier. The Gateway is very open and we didn’t experience any waits. We’re in port with Freedom of the Seas. Even so, there was no wait to get a cab to the beach. We went to Cabbage beach for a couple of hours and had plenty of room to spread out. The elevators have been really fast and easy to get so far. We’re leaving Nassau soon and the pool is crowded but I see plenty of chairs in the sun and the shade. The solarium also had lots of open loungers even at mid day. We’ll try out the Thermal suite this afternoon and then dinner in Normandie because the menu looks delicious. I hope this helps those planning their upcoming trips. Really it’s been a wonderful experience so far. Though this is our first Celebrity cruise, I can already tell I’m in love.
  3. We did our online health questions 24 hours ahead of time. The first checkpoint was to review the vaccine card, ask if anything had changed since finishing the in app health questionaire, verbally confirming the vaccine card is your original card and then taking a photo of the vaccine card. It did take a few minutes for this. Some delay was technical issues getting the vax card photo linked to your account. FYI they did not issue wristbands and the crew is no longer required to wear masks though some still do.
  4. We just boarded the beautiful Edge. Here’s how it went: We are a family of 6 in Aqua class. Our boarding time was 12:30-1p. We arrived at 12:10. There was a large crowd, some in lines and some people standing off to the side. Retreat / Suite guests had their own line (yes, it was a line at least at 12:15). We dropped off luggage and wandered over to the front of the line to find an employee. We showed our 12.30 boarding time and they directed us to one of the lines for 12:30 boarding. It looked like they had lines for other boarding times (I assume the 1p-1:30, and a 1:30-2p). There was no signage, you just had to ask someone and they told you where to go. I could not tell how many separate lines they had but clearly some people were there well before their boarding time. Our line started moving at 12:20. By 12:25 we were in the building. First stop was the health check where they reviewed your vaccine card and asked some questions. This took several minutes (it looks like they were training people today so it was a little slower). They took photos of the vaccine card. After that we took the elevator upstairs to go through security. No line there. Next we “checked in” using the Xpress pass and showed our passports. That took maybe 30 seconds. Then onto the ship. We were on the ship by 12:40. My recommendation is to arrive at your scheduled time. Can you get on earlier? Maybe. But how early I have no idea. It just depends on when you arrive and how many other people are also trying to board early. Hope this helps everyone who is anticipating their arrival. Gorgeous ship. So classy and comfortable. The trip of a lifetime and it’s just day 1.
  5. We board Edge in a couple of hours in Aqua cabins. We found this online Aqua 2.0 https://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/CEL_04_28_FlyerAquaClass.pdf
  6. Thank you, Jeremiah1212 - this is exactly what I needed to hear. Our hotel checkout is 10am but we'll hang out at the hotel until 12p and then get transport to the port. We're so excited we can't sit still.
  7. Totally agree. We plan to arrive at our assigned boarding time. I just didn’t know if we would be in that long line anyway or if we would be allowed to enter right away. I had read some reports of other cruise lines who were not enforcing the arrival times so people who showed up at their boarding time had 1-2 hour waits to board.
  8. We sail next week!! So excited. How do the crowds feel at half capacity? For instance, is it relatively easy to get a lounge chair by the pool or solarium? Are there waits to get into restaurants? Does the thermal Spa feel very busy or crowded? Just trying to set my expectations. The video from week one looked pretty empty so it seemed easy to find seating at the Sunset bar or Magic Carpet. I realize there are a few hundred extra people now so wondered if the ship felt more crowded. Thanks!!
  9. Question to clarify: I understand there is a long line of non-suite passengers waiting to get into the terminal. I assume the line is mostly made up of people trying to board before their assigned check in time. If we arrive at our boarding time (assigned 12:30-1p) do we still stand in that line or are we allowed to directly enter the terminal? If celebrity isn’t enforcing their own rules and we have to stand in line anyway, then I agree the assigned boarding time serves no real purpose.
  10. My experience has been that when booking online, you pay at the time of booking, not when you visit the restaurant. So when I make the reservation the full amount for 4 of us is deducted from my OBC and/or we have to pre-pay by credit card. I understand I may be able to get refunded or make an adjustment later but that sounds a bit risky. Sounds like calling to make the ressie is the only way to split the check in advance.
  11. We'll be in Blu for the first time in 2 weeks. What are your favorite dishes and which nights do they usually get served? The app doesn't show the menus at the moment so I can't see which night items will be offered. Thanks in advance
  12. Hello Cruisers! We'll be sailing on Silhouette Nov 22, 2021 with another couple I would like to pre-book some specialty restaurants with each couple paying their own fees. When I try to make a reservation online it looks like I need to pay for all 4 of us in advanced. Is there a way to do this where each couple pays for themselves? If we make our own reservations, they would be 2 tables for 2 instead of 1 table for 4. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!
  13. Another poster (bnurick) who is on the 7/26/21 Edge sailing now, shared the Celebrity Todays and this document which lists some enhancements. #4 caught my eye: "Upgraded AquaClass with new amenities and food and beverage offerings" - Does anyone know specifically what has been upgraded in AquaClass and what new amenities, food and beverage offerings they're referring to? We'll be on Edge in a few weeks in Aqua class and would love to know what's new. Thanks!!
  14. Thank you so much for the information and posting the Celebrity Todays. That is so helpful. Our family will be onboard Edge July 17 (cruise #4). First time on Celebrity though 3rd time booking the Edge (looks like this one will stick). You uploaded a letter from Day 1 that outlined some new programs including "Upgraded AquaClass with new amenities and food and beverage offerings". We're booked in Aqua - can anyone speak to what has been upgraded or what is new? Do you know if we need to make reservations for the Thermal Spa or the Gym or can we go whenever we want? Thanks for the help. Enjoy your trip!!
  15. I'm booked on the Dec 13-24, 2021 Edge with my sister and brother in law. Right now we both have Sunset Verandahs but I'm thinking of splurging on an aft Sky Suite because it's our 30th anniversary. I've read some old posts (2018/19) talking about the ability to create a Sky Family Suite with an S1 + SV connected that would allow all 4 of us to have Retreat access. But when I did an online chat with Celebrity, they said only the people in the S1 get to use Retreat. Is that right? Did they change this policy since the ship launched? I saw it in a brochure from 2018 as well as online. Thanks for the help.
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