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  1. If you mean the Jamieson Distillery in Midleton, take the train from the dock (once an hour on the half hour) and get off at the Kent station in Cork, walk out of the station and across the street to a bus stop in front of the Station View B & B, and take any of these buses: 240, 241, 260, 261, which all go to Midleton and stop in front of Jamieson. Same route back. Train is about 5 euros, buses are about 2 euros. We've heard there is a 24 hour unlimited Cork travel card for 13 euros but can't find any further info, like if they sell them at the Cobh train station. Return train from Kent station is every half hour.
  2. Merseyrail round trip tickets are only a few cents more than a one-way ticket. Is it allowed to buy a return ticket, take the train to the destination, later end up at a location near another station closer to the departure station, and take that train back to the departure station? Or will my ticket not work from any other stations than the ones on the ticket?
  3. Thx so much Phil, Eagle, and Global for the maps, I'm all set up, off the highway and onto the trail. I owe y'all a beer.
  4. Thx guys. Global yes your loop and steps shots are right. I would love to get to Athol Terrace, but I can't see how the footpath you mention gets there. We would not want to walk Upper Road because there is no walkway, you have to walk on the road and get off when traffic comes along, with vegetation in the way. Phil you mention the same thing, a footpath that goes under A2 to Athol Terrace, sounds like the same one as above. I see the entrance to it at the loop, the wooden gates behind the ladies, and halfway to the A2 there is a Google blue dot showing a brown brick house, and then the shot of the steps going up to the A2. But I can't see how this gets down to ground level. I'm looking at it from Streetview on Back Road West under the A2 with zoom (+ button). Also I'm wondering about the section from under the A2 to Athol Terrace. Zooming in from the bend in Back Road, there is a walkway running along the cement wall below the Chalk of the Town hotel, past the Dover Port Police, then to a small brown building with no windows. Between this building and beneath the A2 appears full of construction trash with no walkway. Maybe by now this has been cleaned up?
  5. We're going to walk the east White Cliffs trail to the Foreland lighthouse, but when we get back to the park entrance at the Upper Road loop it's not likely there will be taxis there, and we'll have to walk to the pier along the A2 walkway. At the end of the path from the loop over to the A2, on Google Maps there appears to be steps going down the hill, turning right and then up to the A2 guardrail. But there is no exit unless you climb over the guardrail or walk through the grass to the end of the guardrail, kind of a strange setup. Does anyone know if this route can be done? If we got to the end of the guardrail we'd cross A2 and take the walkway down A2 to the port. Thx.
  6. Thanks everyone. Steve I thought I read a post that Celeb does not handle Move Ups, they have a third party do it, who wouldn't have our credit card numbers unless of course Celeb passed it along to them.
  7. What's the thinking on whether to do online checkin sooner, like right after final payment, or later closer to the cruise? I suppose a disadvantage to doing it sooner might be that Celeb has your credit card longer, ready to be snatched by hackers. Whereas one advantage to doing it sooner might be that you are more likely to get the assigned boarding time you want, before the popular times (before lunch) are taken. Also, does Celeb offer Move Up bidding to people who have not cheched in online? Has anyone been offered to bid before they did checkin? Is there a past thread on this? Thx. -Bob
  8. Does anyone know whether you have to pay the $15 museum admission to walk around The Keep grounds at the RN Dockyard? Nice grassy areas with cannons, pretty sea views around the perimeter wall. Then a longer walk thru Jean's Gate down to Pender Rd. (It's no doubt a nice museum, just not this trip). Thx. -Bob
  9. Quilter thx for the nice map. Christina when we're done at the caves we were trying to avoid walking out to Wilkinson, then up to Blue Hole Hill Rd, then out to the causeway to enter Blue Hole Park near the gas station, we were trying to get to Blue Hole from the end of the caves parking lot where the red brick steps are on Google Maps. It looks like there is a road in that direction. We could also walk down the caves path to the Ice Cream shop near the gas station and then out to the causeway, but we're already taking that walk in, instead of going in from Wilkinson. The parking lot road might be private, there's some kind of house at the end. We go in 2 months, I'll post if it's doable. -Bob
  10. We want a hike/walk after seeing the Caves. Does anyone know if you can get from the Caves parking lot going east to meet the Blue Hole Park trail at the swimming platform? Google maps Streetview does not go further east than the red brick steps, but there appears to be a road to the right behind the cars. The map shows a Point of Interest blue dot of the swimming platform and the trail from there to the ocean is visible. But can we walk from the red steps or roadway to this platform? It looks like a nice walk from there up to the causeway, and a bus stop just around the corner to the left. Thanks.
  11. Thx everyone for all the info, especially Rob, 123, and Lisiam for your practical tips.
  12. First time in Aqua coming up on the Summit for 2 of us … photos of Blu look like the tables are quite close to each other … is it rather hard to have a private conversation? Has anyone found a way to achieve this? … maybe moving tables a bit?
  13. Since the hurricane does anyone know if the Sage Mt. National Park trails are open, particularly the Mahogany Forest trail going up to the peak and the south trail to the lookout point?
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