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  1. The people in the yellow circle are at the sign for the free port shuttle bus that MAVIP is referring to.
  2. We were Aqua on the Summit last month. We only took the tour of the Persian Garden, it wasn't for us and we didn't go back. It had a couple sauna type rooms, one might have been a salt treatment, and a third room that was something like a eucalyptus treatment.. The Relaxation area was a bedroom sized open space with a heated marble (stone) lounger, perhaps 10-15 feet long in a curve, and some amenities. Aqua dining was too tight, you can't talk privately. We would have done better in a suite with access to the really nice Retreat deck area, cabanas, padded loungers, dedicated bar, but if you like saunas you'll probably love the Persian Garden.
  3. Thx Chemmo, good tips. (We want to book onboard to use our OBC from the TA.)
  4. On the Reflection can you book these on the TV or do you have to go to the restaurants, or is there a central booking place? We don't want to use the Celeb app until the bugs are worked out. Thx.
  5. We're on the same cruise. The ship docks at Cobh and the train station is right at the dock, around the corner of the Heritage building, route 11. €5 to Cork, half an hour, get off at the Cork (Kent) station. From there you can walk into Cork about half a mile, or take either the 226 or 226A bus from the train station into the Parnell station in town. Bus stop is right outside the train station doors. Schedule is on Irish Rail site.
  6. Does anyone know how Reflection docking in Dublin works? Google shows the Eclipse docked at Ocean Pier 33, so to get out of the port area it would be a nasty and narrow industrial and construction walk north on Branch Rd, and west on Alexander to E. Wall Rd. We want to get to The Point train station off E Wall Rd. Would Celeb have shuttles to get out of the port? Thx.
  7. Thx for the info. We'll be on the Reflection. HCat what a tick-off, I wonder what tip (bribe) it took for the maitre d to mess with your reservation. And I hope you wrote him up. Sounds like it's better to pay as you go, and not pay until you get the day/time you want. We want to use OBC from the TA for it anyway, can't do that till aboard.
  8. I recall this being discussed before but I can't fine the thread. Cruisers on the SDP reported not being able to make a specialty restaurant reservation when they wanted, being told there wasn't an open table, but other people not on the SDP and therefore paying for the dinner were offered a reservation (new money). Does anyone know if the chances are better of getting a reservation if you aren't on the SDP? Are a percentage of tables kept open for new money? And no doubt the earlier you book the better your chances. Thx
  9. Tartan thx for the tip. We figured there's be some place where all the tour buses hang out. We dock in Greenock, and thought about taking the train. The ship ride is $55 USD. In Edinburgh we're going to do the Holyrood Park trails to the summit crags.
  10. Ok we're back so I've got the answer. At the end of the Caves parking there is a small road going towards the Blue Hole park, but it's marked Private No Trespassing so it won't work as a shortcut to Blue Hole, and you have to walk out to Blue Hole Hill Road and up to the causeway and then turn right onto the Blue Hole trail, right beside the parking lot. When done there is a bus stop to Hamilton back up Blue Hole Hill Rd across from the Grotto resort, or you can walk back to Bailey's Ice Cream parlor and catch it there (# 10 or #11).
  11. Tami, lots of ppl take lunch off the ship. On a plate in the buffet put buns and sliced meats and cheese or chicken cutlet or whatever you want in the sandwich, a cuppie of sauce, put another plate over top, take it back to your cabin and make em up in zip lock baggies, keep in the fridge if doing it the night before. The easiest desserts for traveling are cookies. Never heard of anyone getting searched leaving the ship or entering the pier. The cruise line probably won't go broke.
  12. We're taking the Celeb ex bus tour Edinburgh On Your Own which says it drops us near the Royal Mile. Does anyone know which spot they use? ... we're trying to plan a walk. Thx.
  13. If you mean the Jamieson Distillery in Midleton, take the train from the dock (once an hour on the half hour) and get off at the Kent station in Cork, walk out of the station and across the street to a bus stop in front of the Station View B & B, and take any of these buses: 240, 241, 260, 261, which all go to Midleton and stop in front of Jamieson. Same route back. Train is about 5 euros, buses are about 2 euros. We've heard there is a 24 hour unlimited Cork travel card for 13 euros but can't find any further info, like if they sell them at the Cobh train station. Return train from Kent station is every half hour.
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