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  1. Thanks for prompt reply
  2. We Have recently booked the Edge for December 1st. The only available dining time was the early seating, we would like to be able to eat in all 4 of the themed dining rooms. Is it best I email Celebrity to see if we just change each night or wait until we board, we do hav e conceige if that helps in anyway at all.
  3. If you have the drinks package and have to wait until the rooms are ready to go get your seapass card, how can you order your drinks when you board
  4. Am I correct in thinking that if your drink package was a perk on a U.K. booking there is no additional charges per day.
  5. Told you had my dizzy head. On, I have found it. Many thanks for your help and sorry for all the questions
  6. Ok can't understand why the listings then if all I need to do is put my number in. Must have my dizzy hat on. But again I ask where can I find the weekly listings that you kindly put in above, sorry to be a pain.
  7. Yes I appreciate they are on the site I was looking to book on the pre public on sale date that is mentioned on the top of the flyer.
  8. Yes thank you for the listings. Where do I find them so I can book a few last minute cruises.
  9. Yes that was it, do they still have them
  10. There used to be a place when I logged into my crown and anchor account that I could get a list of the last minute special offers that was sometimes a few pages long, sometimes nothing, is this still available, I have looked but can't seem to find it.
  11. Great to have this, some obstructed cabins that I would not have booked now knowing what the view is, I would book.
  12. I remember the list the first time around its very useful. Thank you.
  13. Are frozen drinks included in the classic, for example pina colada etc
  14. ok I will look for another cruise and give it a go, it was silly of me to book Alaska again, same cabin same pre cruise tour etc, thought it would be good to do it again but husband said not that soon after doing it 2017.
  15. We booked on board in January 2018 for August 2019, we did not take the booking bonus $'s but said put it onto the 2019 cruise, as the booking says non refundable deposit is that the final word, as now we would like to change the booking, has anyone else managed to do this without losing the already paid deposit., and just move the deposit to the new booking.
  16. Does the Majesty of the Seas have a Diamond Lounge, or is it only the bigger ships that have more room to hold the gatherings.
  17. Thank you all for the replies . yes we have been told port days only, but no problem. Will go and sort out as soon as we board.
  18. If we have the free travel agency meal for 2 and we decide to use it at Chops, do we get the same menu as other guests, someone told me it is a reduced choice. The value of the meal is up to $100.
  19. Thank you for the prompt answers.
  20. is there a lounge on Celebrity where we can go during the day for coffee, as you can on Royal the Diamond lounge.
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