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  1. So I wonder what happened after that party was not allowed to board. Like refunds ect.
  2. We don’t have any indoor dining currently or gyms allowed to be open. The governor keeps saying if our numbers stay down he will begin to allow it but the numbers have been down and there has still been no movement.
  3. We are booked on the November 5th sailing for Adventure of the Seas I just hope they give us enough advanced notice because I am not booking airfare till the last minute I already have credits from previous cancelled cruises. My main concern is I saw a video where they are talking about testing everyone before they board and what happens when one person in your party tests positive and the rest don’t? Plus as we all know there have been many false positives or negatives for that fact with these tests.
  4. Oh and one more thing what happened to all the posts about Odyssey of the Seas were they all removed including the Roll Calls ?
  5. Thanks so much for responding.. I have a credit with JetBlue I have to use from my cancelled May cruise .. They wouldn’t refund the money only a credit ... And I will keep track on the ship build .. The problem is I have another cruise planned for the week before so if this one gets cancelled and I book the flight then I will need to do something for the second week.
  6. Booked on the second sailing and have not heard anything lately when I spoke to a rep from RCCL they say it is still sailing. I would love to be able to book my airfare. Also I don’t see my roll call on here anymore ? On a good note my refund finally came for my cruise that was cancelled in March...
  7. You can completely understand where I am coming from ... Thank your husband for his service
  8. So disappointed but on the positive note we are all healthy My husband was deployed on our 10yr anniversary and I planned this big trip for our 15th anniversary and now this you can bet I won't be planning anything for our 20yr anniversary lol.... Maybe they will give us the upgrade for our November cruise since we didn't get to use it for this cruise...
  9. Do you have kids ? How about a Mothers Day gift for being such an amazing Mother ?
  10. So we were set to cruise in May for our 15th anniversary and our cruise like many others was cancelled ..... Well I get up this morning and I see I got an email from RCCL so I am thinking it must be my FCC information they are sending me ... Nope I open it and it is the updated cruise documents for our cruise with our room now being assigned and when I look we got upgraded !!! First Time Ever !!!!! Really .......
  11. Just saying if you need an extra person I will go .. This is an amazing place !
  12. Do they send an email saying they credited your account or do you need to just keep checking your credit card ?
  13. I have another cruise before my November 9th sailing and I want to book airfare but can’t because there is no way of knowing for sure.
  14. I am on the November 9th cruise keeping my fingers crossed it will be done in time.
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