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    Long Bay

    Looking for information on Long Bay we will be in Antigua off a cruise ship in May and have read that this is a good beach for children. Does anyone know how far away it is from the cruise terminal and also how much the taxi ride will be. There will be 4 of us going 2 adults and 2 children. Thanks
  2. How long was your tour? And did they charge the same price for kids ?
  3. Thanks so much for responding excited to go now ...
  4. Do you think this trip would be good for kids ages 8 and 11 ?
  5. I have emailed Sweeney Tours twice now with no response... Not sure why .. But our cruise is coming up so I need to figure out another plan.
  6. When do you take your trip ? Curious as to how your tour is with kids I could pass on the Rum Factory... We are leaving in November
  7. Do you have the information to make reservations
  8. Would be looking for the same kind of tour if anyone has any suggestions.. Would love to take a nice island tour and see what it is really like there.
  9. Hello was wondering if you could tell me how far away is Isla Verde beach ? And how much would it cost to take a taxi there for 2 adults and 2 children... Thanks,
  10. We have taken snacks on Anthem several times never had a problem.
  11. We too have very young kids who are Diamond almost Diamond Plus members we try to do 2 to 3 cruises a year and my daughter at 10 is so proud to tell people of her status she’s too cute. We have never had an issue going into the DL but I don’t let my kids go in and hang out although I have seen some kids in there I just don’t think it’s appropriate if they want a snack they can get it and go. We have never had an issue ourselves going in there but some people are definitely more approachable then others and that is ok too.
  12. Can you give any suggestions on full island tours ? We will have our two young kids with us but wanna get a true feeling for the island because we are considering coming back off a cruise ship for an extended stay. Thanks
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