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  1. hello, as the title suggests - are there jet-ski excursions at Coco Cay like there are at Labadee? thanks!
  2. I can't seem to send messages! Can we name the agency? It has 6 letters, and begins with C...:)
  3. There is one online agency that I find consistently offers perks (OBC, Pre-paid grats, etc) that make it worthwhile - even if I am a Canadian buying in USD! I still come out ahead!
  4. great thanks very much! :)
  5. Hello everyone, we will be on next month's Spirit sailing, and was wondering if anyone has done a do-it-yourself tour to El Tiede? We were hoping to spend more time at the top of the cable car than the tour companies probably allocate...is a self-drive feasible? What about taxis/buses? any thoughts would be most welcome thanks! Gen
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