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  1. 5pm, this is for our June 2022 booking from Fairbanks to Vancouver.
  2. While we don’t do Alaska until June, we are on the same ship (haven’t been on the Majestic yet) excited to follow along and see what its like on that beautiful ship! Bon Voyage!
  3. This post unfortunately highlights the problem of not knowing how the system works. The security architecture and transaction process has not changed since launch and by saying that your credit card number was stolen from your iPhone being “scanned in your pocket” is just incorrect and will lead people away from using something that is highly secure. I encourage people to do their own research, and as always don’t believe everything you read.
  4. again I’m sorry but this isn’t possible. It is possible that your credit card, which likely does have an RFID chip in it, was scanned while in a pocket or even a purse. But what you described of your iPhone being scanned is not possible and I feel it’s important that people have the right information. edited to add: people should know that using a system like Apple Pay is the most secure way to use credit/debit cards at this time.
  5. This isn’t possible. Apple Pay generates a unique number every time you use it and only is usable once, therefore if the transaction at the merchant went through no one else could have used that information but the merchant. Someone would have had to literally placed a device next to your phone after you authenticated in Apple Pay for the purchase, to intercept the valid number in which case the merchants transaction would not have gone through and you would have had to re-do the payment. There is no known way for someone to have “scanned” your card off of your iPhone and used it. More than likely it was compromised in some other way.
  6. We don’t have any kids so our experience is a little different, but as others have said there are a lot of onboard activities for the little ones that they will enjoy. Cruising for Christmas is one of our favorite things to do. Yes they are more expensive, and the ships tend to be fuller (pre-COVID) but they do such a great job celebrating the holiday. The ship is always beautifully decorated. I hope we can go back one day soon!
  7. One thing I never see discussed much in these conversations is the need to have a high limit credit card available. A lot fo the travel insurances out there are secondary coverages, and people forget that they actually have to pay, up front, for care in a lot of countries before being reimbursed. Some places will even require this payment to be made in advance of treatment. So keep this in mind and always have a plan to cover the costs to get the care you need and worry about the reimbursement later. We always use Nationwide’s Luxury Cruise policy. They have really high limits, coverage for pre-existing conditions, a reasonably priced cancel for any reason option and even some cruise specific coverages like an itinerary change. We filed one year when we missed Key West due to fog in Galveston and got back a sizable amount of money (I think like $250 each). The claims process was very quick and very easy. But we are also young (in our 30s) and don’t have to worry about increased premiums. For older individuals the Princess Insurance cant be beat. Bottom line, atleast have something, but as other have warned costs here can be expensive, and I don’t know about you all but I don’t have $100k+ in the bank to self insure if I get into a bad accident while away.
  8. It’s one of the reasons I like this Nationwide policy so much. Below is the coverage and you can see it’s broad and offers great coverage. Remember that while Carnival is the parent company, the brands are essentially run as separate business lines. So if Carnival had to cut costs seems to be the Elimination of an entire brand under the umbrella would be easiest. No idea how this would be classified. Appears Princess is a wholy owned subsidiary and so to me, if Carnival shuttered the Princess line it would be covered. I’m sure some insurance lawyer would disagree with me. Nationwide Luxury Cruise Policy excerpt: Bankruptcy and/or Default of Your Travel Supplier that occurs more than fourteen (14) days following Your Effective Date. Coverage is not provided for the Bankruptcy or Default of the agency from whom You purchased Your Land/Sea Arrangements. Your Scheduled Departure Date must be no more than twenty-four (24) months beyond Your Effective Date. Benefits will be paid due to Bankruptcy or Default of an airline only if no alternate transportation is available. If alternate transportation is available, benefits will be limited to the change fee charged to allow You to transfer to another airline in order to get to Your intended destination. This benefit only applies if the insurance has been purchased within final payment for the Trip and for the full cost of the Trip;
  9. basically means if they go bankrupt and close up shop. If that happens there is almost 0 chance guests will get any of their money paid back. True. But I also asked here since we had a Princess cruise booked for next year and was curious what people thought about the financial stability of Princess in particular.
  10. I hate to bring this up, as I hope its just being overly cautious, but i posted about this in our Roll Call for our May 2021 British Isles Cruise. This trip is a major financial investment for us, and while final payment isn’t due until January 2021, we have started to book airfare and excursions. It got me thinking, we buy travel insurance for all our cruises no matter what, but a good majority of people do not. Is it time to start thinking about booking travel insurance for the Default protection benefit? With uncertain times ahead, I think it may be the most prudent thing to do. Interested to hear your thoughts on this. We have been looking forward to this cruise for a year, and I certainly hope it still goes as planned! Hope you all are safe and healthy.
  11. I’m just hoping we can go on our May 2021 British Isles cruise. I’m cautiously optimistic that things will improve by then. 2020 I think is a complete loss TBH.
  12. 0, I’m good day 1, this virus has a very short lifespan, a couple of days and its gone. Happy to take advantage of any discounts for those first ships out of the gate!
  13. This was probably when it was served in the Parmesan cheese basket but that’s a topic for a whole other thread! 😉. They do have an amazing fettuccine Alfredo.
  14. I hope our paths will cross one day on a cruise (also would love to meet @Pam in CA and @PescadoAmarillo)! Its hard to even explain, walking off that gangway onto the ship, its like a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders and you just take this big cleansing breath.
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