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  1. Thank you. Actually, the Oceania excursion is an e-bike tour. I’ll look into finding something
  2. travellgirl

    E bikes

    My husband would like to rent an e-bike and do the Railway Trail. the excursion from Oceania is full. We have seen you can rent an e-bike at the dockyard, but his concern is getting to the trail. He doesn’t want to ride on the roads. Has anyone done this and have any suggestions? thank you
  3. Thank you. Yes, I wonder why we did not anchor. Captain said it was unsafe to send out tenders. Seems a little strange
  4. Good morning. Did the Equinox and Constellation make it to Grand Cayman today? We are in the NCL Prima and the Captain said the island would not let us tender in this morning just curious. Wondering if it depends are where your ship is scheduled to be anchored
  5. Good morning. can anyone tell me if the daily tips in a suite include the butler? We will give him something extra at the end, but finding and hearing conflicting information about if he gets anything from the automatic gratuities thanks
  6. Thank you. I had thought I remembered that . Guess I’ll try canceling and redoing it thanks so much
  7. No, it’s a credit that came along with the room
  8. Thanks. This stated stateroom credit, not OBC, that’s why I was confused . I’ll have to check into it. But to get it straightened out ahead of time instead of onboard
  9. Hi. We are on the Apex in March. We have a large stateroom credit. I booked a reservation today for the Edge and I was charged. Can I only use the credit while onboard? I didn’t think so. Going to call Celebrity tomorrow or ask my travel agent, but thought I may get the correct answer here. thanks
  10. Does anyone know what pier Oceania docks at in Puerto Plata?
  11. Good afternoon I just went online to book specialty restaurants for our cruise in the Apex. It says there is a cancellation charge, but no explanation. Does anyone know what the cancellation is and if it friends on how far in advance we cancel? also, I’m assuming OBC can be used for this? We have a large OBC and are already getting “free” wifi, drink package and gratuities. thanks
  12. Thank you. Guess they aren’t listed yet fir our cruise. Last cruise they were filled up before we boarded (I was lucky enough to get two of them due to cancellations) and I was told onboard they were under shire excursions which I thought was strange. I’ll just keep my eye out. thank you
  13. Hello everyone we are booked in the January 9 -31 sailing on the Vista. They do not have any culinary classes listed yet. I was going to call Oceania tomorrow, but thought I would see if anyone has and insight into this. they are normally listed under shore excursions and can be booked way in advance. I didn’t want to miss out on any and was thinking that somehow I was looking in the correct place thanks for any help
  14. We are on the Rotterdam now, having embarked on March 8th we have eaten twice in Canaletto and going back tonight the maitre d told us the other night there would still be a special every night. We’ll see tonight if it is different from last time the osso bucco is on the menu every night. I did hear two of the waiters mentioning that some passengers were upset there is not a soup on the menu any longer
  15. We will be docking in St Thomas next week. Has anyone purchased a day pass at Secret Harbor Village? I have emailed them, but as of yet, have not heard back any information would be appreciated thanks so much
  16. Hello we are on the February 10 sailing on Riviera. we are booked in a penthouse suite. My understand is that if available, you can use an iPad loaned to you by the shop. My question is is this connection in addition to the node device hook up you receive. I normally have paid for connection to two devices, but with this being a 20 night cruise, would rather not purchase the extra internet, There are time my husband ard are just relaxing and both on our iPads at the same time, thank tiy for any information.
  17. Thank you everyone. Hope we’ll be able to get one
  18. Thank you. I figured that was probably the case. I will check when we are on board and maybe ask the butler to keep of top of it if possible.
  19. Good Afternoon. we are sailing on the Riveria in February, This is our first cruise on Oceania. I made all our specialty restaurant reservations on the first day we were able to. I did not realize that I could have made the cooking class reservations much earlier and as a result, missed out on all of them. I did put our name on the waitlist for each one. What has anyones’ experience been with being on the waitlist? I wanted to do one on my birthday, which is a sea day, but will be happy with any one of them . Thank you for any information.
  20. Good morning. ae are leaving on Sunday. ae had purchased the Unlimited Dining plan. We have just bid on an upgrade. If we get the upgrade , we don’t need the unlimited dining, as we will have the Coastal Kitchen. im thinking of canceling the dining plan since I am unsure if we can cancel once onboard. my question is if we don’t get the upgrade, can we repurchase the unlimited dining onboard? I realize it will be more expensive, but didn’t want to wait till we got onboard. thank you for any information.
  21. Hello everyone. we will be on the Riviera during the Super Bowl, does Antoine know if they show the game? not looking for a party, just a place to watch the game.
  22. Hi everyone Are there any internet perks such as free minutes, for Diamond members? I have forgotten and can’t find any information.
  23. Good afternoon. if we are going to Carambola Beech in St. Kitts on our own, do we need to make an advance reservation? we have been there in the past and I believe we made a reservation once. Curious from anyone who has been there recently.
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