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  1. Are the shows on Ovation the same as the ones on Anthem but with different names? I know maybe an odd question but I saw some snipits of Pixels and it looked a lot like Spectra and then Big Dream or whatever it is called has a similar to The Gift. Thanks
  2. My daughter works at Applebees as a hostess - she makes a lower wage but she gets a portion of the tips that are given to the servers. The dishwashers are paid higher and they do not get a portion. I have no qualms about giving the set amount for gratuity I do however, have issue with the people that say they want to remove them and then don't tip at all. Why is this such a big issue! I just add that into the cost of the cruise, I work a 2nd job to just pay for the cruises I go on so I'm certainly not wealthy. When you think about it what we are asked to pay for gratuity really isn't that much at all.
  3. Thank you, I don't remember seeing it when we were on her in 2016
  4. Did Indy get a Freestyle Coke Machine during the refurbishment?
  5. Thanks for the video!! Pretty cool that the Owners loft cabin has 2 balconies!!
  6. Well that suspended chair might be nice to have - hopefully it has an additional chair of some sort.
  7. Thank you for that information - the chair on the balcony looks different - do you think someone brought that chair and I will have the more normal ones?
  8. I already did and there wasn't anything about that specific cabin
  9. Bringing this thread back to life as I will be staying in this cabin next week.
  10. You can book it through the cruise planner
  11. I am sailing on Anthem June 6th and will be bringing my WOW bands from Harmony last year. They have the muster station on them and I hope I can use them for Anthem. I will report back
  12. I believe that Harmony is only 1 year old. I was just on it last summer and it is in great shape and a wonderful ship
  13. I called once to change rooms and I also had the non refundable deposit - they said since I was only changing rooms I would not lose it. I decided to keep my room because I would have lost all my OBC and it wasn't worth it to me. I had booked direct with Royal and did not go through a TA
  14. I was going to email them when we got closer to the cruise date - I figured with a little over a month out maybe they wouldn't have all that info.
  15. That is what I have been doing for my June 6th Anthem cruise but I haven't been able to locate who is coming. I've eliminated all the ones that have been posted above except for Pandora's Box.
  16. I recently found the Facebook site for this and will get 2 ducks for our Anthem cruise in June. Sounds fun!!
  17. Just checking to make sure I understand this - when you purchase the 3 day you make reservations for day 1 and then once on board you make the other reservations?
  18. I'm going to buy the thin microfiber towels that you can get on Amazon. They fold up smaller than a bulkier towel
  19. You are so LUCK!! I love DSB. I am still trying to find out who is on the June 6-15th cruise - if anyone knows please post here. I've checked ROyal Sweedes and they aren't, neither is Wanted and DSB.
  20. I love Anthem, there is so much to do. Another quite spot is across from Vintages they have a bunch of chairs all going down the hallway leading to 270. Solarium is another nice spot to relax. My daughter did the trapeze and loved it. There was a line but we didn't wait too long just get there early and look for it in the cruise planner.
  21. I was in an obstructed balcony on Anthem and I wanted the Jr Suite but I ended up getting a regular balcony. I was ok with the obstructed balcony but my husband wanted a regular balcony. I paid $200/person for the upgrade, this was a good deal because 4 months after I booked I wanted to change rooms and it would have cost me $700 more and I would have lost my $200 OBC.
  22. I received my Royal Up email on 3/23 and I received my "You've won" email on 4/10. I am traveling on June 6th
  23. I am sailing on Anthem of the Seas June 2nd and my bid was accepted on April 10th. We had an obstructed balcony on deck 6 and we are now upgraded to a regular balcony on deck 9. I was very happy with the obstructed balcony since I have sailed in one before but my husband was really unhappy with it. I paid $400 ($200/per person) more for this cabin and I am happy with the price since all balconies are sold out. 4 months after I booked it I wanted to change the cabin to a regular balcony and it was $700 more and I would have lost $200 in OBC so I feel like we did good with this price. I also bid on the Jr Suite and I would have loved to get it but that's ok. I'm not overly thrilled with the location of the cabin, (at the back of the ship) but that's ok my husband will be happier now. We are now in cabin 9718 so if anyone has any information on that one please let me know
  24. For those that have been on Anthem, how long is the walk from the elevators to the cabins all the way to the aft of the ship? We have someone in a boot cast traveling with us
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