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  1. I used this thread to make a decision about whether to use ItalyTours and I would like to post my experience! We had a delightful time in Rome with ItalyTours with Valerio! He was prompt, courteous and helpful. He did a great job getting us around quickly to the sights to see so many of them. I also loved that he seemed to know the area very well and dropped us off very close to most of the sights, which was appreciated in the heat. Our van was clean, nice and had great A/C!And a big THANKS to Deborah, our tour guide in the Vatican City, who was AMAZING! She was able to navigate us past all the ticket lines with hardly ANY wait!! The heat and crowds were horrible, but she did her best to make it a pleasant and an informative time :) She was delightful, knowledgeable and super fun!In addition to the driver and tour guide...the experience with booking with Italy Tours was pretty easy. The VERY thorough emails were great with knowing what to expect. For example, we wanted to see the Colosseum and the email with details on HOW to book it and also HOW to get through the very long lines was SO helpful! After we followed all the instructions to shoot past the lines and make it in, my husband was like...nice job :) We chose the semi-private tour and I thought it was a great value for what we received!
  2. @cleobella-That's fun! After talking to my husband, we decided to do Pisa and Lucca...a little shorter of a day than going to Pisa/Florence. Found a company (Papillon tours) that did this excursion and it sounded like a pretty good fit for us 🙂 We will back to the ship in time to rest up, enjoy the evening and be ready for our big day in Rome the next day!
  3. Thanks Hank for the tips...it's appreciated! My husband really wants to see Pisa...so it's on the list. Good knowing these things though...maybe we will be pleasantly surprised. Kristina 🙂
  4. @cleobello-I agree and I am in the same boat! We are doing longer days, so I am looking into doing something shorter at Pisa. We are docking in LaSpezia. What tour did you use? I've looked at tons of tours, but most only do longer ones...and looking for something shorter. We are looking at just doing Pisa DIY...how did you see the Pisa sights? Thanks for any tips!!
  5. What a GREAT thread!! I don't have a question, just a BIG thanks to Roger and everyone else who has given such great tips over the years! My 3 boys are doing a coasteering trip, so I was looking for something for my mom and I to do that was fun and relaxing. We are going to use one of the walking trips that was suggested! Can't wait to enjoy this beautiful port!!
  6. We will only be in Barcelona an evening and a full day. I received ideas from Rick Steves Barcelona guidebook, Facebook groups (there is one that is called Travel Fashion Girls that is SO helpful!) and just some general research. So evening we are doing the Runnerbean night tour...and then next day is... morning-Sagrada Tour (get tickets in advance) early afternoon-Camp Nou (we are a big soccer family) late afternoon-Runnerbean Gothic Tour evening-walk around, Citadel Park, Chocolate Museum, La Boqueria Market..who knows?? Keeping this open 🙂 I've heard Barcelona is an amazing city! I've heard food tours are awesome and the beach is cool too 🙂 That chocolate tour sounds fun!!
  7. sounds familiar and some fun excursions!! This is our first trip to Europe, and we are also going to Barcelona, Paris, and a few other cities to watch some women's World Cup games before/after our cruise. I AGREE...I feel like planning this trip has been a part-time job since January 🙂 We have 2 boys (18, 15), me, hubbie and my mom...5 total in our group. Trying to plan some adventurous things in conjunction with ALL the sight-seeing 🙂 And trying to book varying shorter days mixed with longer days. Here are our ports: Mallorca-Explora Mallorca-it's an adventure excursion of coasteering Marseille-looking at L'Eden boat...great reviews of a private boat company that will take you to see the calanques and swimming Florence-might just do a short trip to Pisa via a shuttle bus or something Rome-full day with italytours.eu Naples-tour of Pompeii with MondoTours (we need to provide our own transportation there). Recommended by Rick Steves. Another tip for Barcelona...we are using Runnerbean tours for 2 walking tours. Found the suggestion on a Facebook group. They have great reviews...we are doing the Gothic Walking tour & a night time one...fun!!
  8. gotcha! Thanks for the update and reply though 🙂
  9. Did you ever find out any extra info on this? I'm doing research trying to find ways to get to Pompeii...we already have a guide set up for us there. 🙂 So many options from taxi to train to private transport. The guide company we are using (Mondo Guide) said they would provide two-way transportation for 30 euros per person, but seems high to me. I don't know though 🙂
  10. All-this is SO helpful!!! Such good starting points for my research. Biffco (Rob)-I agree, planning for this cruise has been more challenging than I thought, so all the tips and ideas are appreciated by all! We have 2 older teens also (2 boys, 18 & 15) on this trip with us 🙂 Mals1-THANKS for sharing your port ideas...and no need to apologize!! I will save ALL that info!! Kristina 🙂
  11. Hi! Did you ever find out as answer to your question? Currently looking at this port for our family of 5 (including 2 boy teens). Thanks 🙂 Looking for something unique, adventurous and not too expensive 😉
  12. Hi! We are a family of 5 travelling on the Oasis in June too! If you feel like sharing, I would love to see your excursions for each port that you are using? Our first trip to Europe, but not our first cruise though. We are also spending time before and after in other France/Spain cities, so that has taken up a lot of my time planning...so I am just starting our ports 😉 The only one that I am getting ready to book is in Mallorca, I found a company called Explora Mallocora!
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