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  1. MSC has beautiful ships, and the only way to go is in the Yacht Club. In general, the ships are like a European version of NCL with large crowds and so so food. We sailed the Seaside in an inside YC cabin; price was right and the perks of YC are outstanding. We are scheduled to do the same on the Meraviglia in November. Don't think I would cruise MSC without the YC perks? Since we are Elite Plus with Celebrity, we got "Black Card" status with MSC (their highest level). 😃Enjoy! Kel
  2. It might be that MSC's Yacht Club is pulling over ex-Haven passengers. The YC is a wonderful deal compared to the Haven.
  3. We've cruised Celebrity 30 times and NCL nine. We prefer the smaller NCL ships as they have a much better passenger space ratio. The large ships are very crowded and have some smoke issues because of the location of the casino. Lots of things for the kids to do on the larger ships however. We ONLY cruise NCL with a prepaid Ultimate Dining Package, as their MDR in the evening is so so, but their alternative restaurants are excellent. NCL will nickel and dime you, and the "free" drink package will cost you $99+ per person in additional fees. Speaking of fees/taxes -- I find NCL's charges in this area are higher than any other line. By the time you add up all the additional costs, NCL is not that cheap. We have ten cruises booked, and none are on NCL, which is strange because a couple of years ago we were regulars. Good luck, Kel😃
  4. All three cruises are Western Caribbean; all the prices listed are total cost for two people in inside cabins, except OV on the Crystal ship. All are 7 night cruises. Enjoy! Kel😃
  5. We've cruised multiple lines, including Celebrity, HAL, RCL, Cunard, MSC, NCL, Princess, Oceania and Azamara. So after paying $2,238 for an inside cabin on Celebrity's Edge, why not experience an all-inclusive line like Crystal for $3,564 in an OV cabin, both cruises are 7 nights. These two cruises got the better of me, curiosity-wise (is that a real word?). We cruise frequently and try to keep our budget within reason, but next November is splurge month, and what the heck. We even added 7 more nights on MSC's Meraviglia in the Yacht Club (inside cabin of course @ $2,902). There you have it! Kel😃
  6. Thanks Everyone! Looks like there will be two Carnival ships in port the same day we are there and they always use Puerta Maya Pier; two Royal Caribbean ships will be there and they use TMM International Pier; so that leaves an Oceania ship at Punta Langosta, as that's the one NCL uses and they own Oceania -- my guess will be -- the second ship (Symphony) at Punta Langosta???? This is not official, so it's just my best guess. Actually, I hope this is correct as this puts the ship downtown. Close to more restaurant locations, if we decide to do lunch off the ship. Thanks for your help! Kel😃
  7. Thanks for the link! Once Crystal gets back to the Caribbean I will see if there is a trend. Kel😃
  8. My wife and I have been to Cozumel a couple a dozen times on cruise ships, but I have no idea which of the three piers Crystal uses. Anyone have a clue? Thanks, Kel😃
  9. Hi Brandis, You might try Celebrity's Millennium Class of ships. About the same size as the "R" class (90,000 tons) and about the same age. The Infinity and the Constellation are doing the Med. Celebrity's food is better, and you would get a version of Diamond perks onboard. Enjoy! Kel😃
  10. Hi Everyone, I thought I might add the cost of my upcoming cruises (per person total with all fees + taxes in inside cabins): -- Radiance of the Seas (10 nights, Sept 2019) -- $930.14 each -- Serenade of the Seas (12 nights, Oct 2019) -- $827.46 each -- MSC Meraviglia (7 nights, Nov 2019) -- $1,451.23 each in Yacht Club inside cabin all inclusive -- Crystal Symphony (7 nights, Nov 2019) -- $1,782.00 each in OV cabin -- all inclusive, including gratuities -- Celebrity Edge (7 nights, Nov 2019) -- $1,119.19 each -- HAL Statendam (7 nights, Dec 2019) -- $619 each -- Celebrity Reflection (11 nights, Dec 2019) -- $827.47 each -- Celebrity Reflection (11 nights, March 2020) -- $1,048.97 each -- HAL Konongsdam (44 nights, March 2020) -- $4,576.00 each -- Ovation of the Seas (10 nights, Sept 2020) -- $1,040.86 each Enjoy! Kel😃
  11. Good morning, My wife and I have ten cruises booked through the fall of 2020. We are cruising Celebrity, RCL, MSC, Crystal, and Holland America. All ten have a non-refundable deposit and we are in the US. Nine of the ten charge for their alternative restaurants (Crystal is the exception); MSC Yacht Club and Crystal are all-inclusive, and the fares are relative to this perk. We skip drink packages and other perks with Celebrity, RCL and HAL, as they are not cost effective for our life style. We are not cabin people, so inside cabins are fine with us, and this is the reason we can afford multiple cruises every year. I would agree that our least cost effective cruise is on Celebrity's Edge, but our acute curiosity has won this battle. At the same time, our cruise on the Reflection and HAL's Nieuw Statendam could be classified as mega-bargains. We love land travel as well, but cruising is still the best deal around. Enjoy! Kel😄
  12. NCL is not always our first choice even though we've cruised with them several times. We are not cabin people, so any cabin will do as long as it has a quiet location. There are a few things we always do on NCL; first, we always purchase the "Ultimate Dining Package" and eat every evening meal in one of their excellent alternative restaurants. The MDR is so so at best, but fine for lunch or breakfast. The buffet is okay. We have always had a beverage package, but be aware they charge a service fee even if you receive the package for free. NCL is the "nickel an dime" champion. Always check their fees and taxes added on, as they will be higher than all the other lines. After you add on all their extra charges, they may not be the cheapest option. We have ten cruises coming up (see signature), but none with NCL as their a very few deals to be had these days. Best deals we have found as of late -- MSC inside cabin in their Yacht Club; Holland America has some great pricing; Celebrity in their M and S class ships, but the Edge is way too expensive; Cunard for World Cruises or segments; RCL for repositioning cruises; Crystal 7 day Caribbean cruises. (IMHO -- mileage may vary) Enjoy! Kel😄
  13. The Horizon was the first cruise ship designed and produced by Celebrity Cruise lines. It was our first cruise together back in 1993 -- Deep Caribbean Xmas/New Years for 9 nights out of San Juan, PR. The Zenith came in 1992 and the Horizon was built in 1990. Enjoy! Kel
  14. It's free with your reservation. We've used a taxi before, but that's over $20 + - with tip. The downtown locations have a very limited car inventory and the wait downtown can be very long.
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