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  1. I've come to believe that even with Celebrity's AI, it's still cheaper than NCL's promotion cruises. We have several BtoB cruises coming up next fall and here is an example (two adults): 11/20/2021 7-night cruise on NCL's Joy comes in at $2,510 for their best inside cabin. This includes the drink pkg, but you must add over $100 in drink gratuities paid up front; two free visits to their alternative restaurants + $15.80 in gratuities up front; $50 credit on shore excursions; choice WiFi package. 11/27/2021 7- night cruise on Celebrity's newest ship the Apex at $2,201 for
  2. I do love the international mix of Cunard. About half the mix is from the UK, but plenty of Germans, Dutch, and other Europeans. On our World Cruise (Queen Victoria) we had a bunch of Aussies and they are always a fun group. Maybe 20% US/Canadian, and I like that. Never been on an extended HAL cruise, so I don't know the demographics. Enjoy! Kel😃
  3. Hi ofg, My wife and I also did the world cruise on the Queen Victoria and the crossing on the QM2 -- what year did you do your WC? Here is my take on HAL vs Cunard (4 Cunard cruises for 109 days and 12 HAL cruises for 103 days) I always refer to Cunard as "HAL on steroids" because they are very similar, but Cunard takes things to the extreme: HAL -- warm, efficient Asian service -- good food, but safe menus -- mix of traditional and exotic itineraries -- new ships coming online -- some of the best deals in cruisin
  4. Fmco, You make a good point. You need three or four cruises with a line to have a real feel for their product. We have 30 cruises on Celebrity; 12 cruises on HAL; 8 cruises on NCL; and three cruises on Princess. Coming up in 2021--2022: --32 days (4 cruises) on Celebrity --56 days (3 cruises) on HAL --36 days (4 cruises) on NCL --0 days on Princess I stand by my current assessment of these four lines, but it is a moving target and things can, and will, change. I'll be really curious about what each line will look like as they "build" crews to br
  5. prish, I've cruised all four of these lines and here is my ratings: #1 -- Still Celebrity. Even as they move into their "all-inclusive" phase, we prefer everything X over the other four. Food is better, ships are modern and unique, and the crew seems happy. Many don't like the new balcony cabins on the E-class, but we love them. #2 -- Holland America is getting better. New ships and the old guard is fading away. Consistently good food, excellent itineraries, and some of the best prices going. #3 -- NCL can be a great experience. Make sure you get
  6. As things stand now, HAL seems like a pretty good deal. We have three cruises booked with Holland America for a total of 56 days and with all the FCC building up, I'm a happy camper. Even got some perks this time around! Couple of observations: --Celebrity is now an "all inclusive" line, with Drinks, Tips and WiFi included. There are some deals out there, but for sure Celebrity is no longer apples to apples with HAL. Princess maybe the only match to HAL these days, but I'm not a fan. --MSC Yacht Club is nice (we've done two cruises in the YC), but prices are
  7. Our Zuiderdam cruise to Hawaii/South Pacific for next fall was cancelled by HAL about six weeks ago. Two days ago we received our FCC for our deposit, which was $1,750. They doubled it and it was posted to our individual HAL accounts (I wondered why it was so small until I realized half would go to my account and half would go to my wife's account). The FCC that was applied to this cruise from a couple of previous cruises appeared in our accounts yesterday. I was able able to apply both of these FCC amounts to two 21 days cruises we have coming up next winter 2021-2022. The total amount c
  8. Hi L2C40, I was able to move two deposits from RC bookings (this May) over to two Celebrity bookings for the summer of 2022. Not sure about FCC? Enjoy! Kel😃
  9. Excellent zel, They must be doing it in patches because it's still on my account and no FCC. I will keep checking today. Thanks Kel
  10. I'm with you zel, We have $8,658 in FCC that has not hit my account yet. This money has been bouncing around since last March when the Koningsdam South America cruise was cancelled on 13 March 2020, and we were in a hotel in Florida ready to board on the 15th. We got additional FCC because of the last minute cancellation. We put it towards a couple of Japan cruises, that were also cancelled, and then we applied it towards the Hawaii/South Pacific cruise you were booked on. Since then, we booked two 21 night cruises to the Caribbean (Dec, 2021/Jan, 2022) and they waived the deposit (g
  11. Hi bz, I think on the shorter cruises and the crossing, it's not a big deal to find open machines, but on a World Cruise, it get's a bit more competitive. We spent 80 days on the Queen Victoria and was the go to guy to do the laundry (my wife would pitch in sometimes); we would try a couple of different decks, and if it was full, we would just wait for a different time. I tried to make it fun, if that is possible, and not go head to head with the laundry hard liners. My wife got to do her laundry with Margaret Atwood one day; I spent a great time with one of the onboard comedia
  12. Excellent point DC! There is no better wrap-around promenade deck than the one on the QM2. Teakwood, wide and long -- loved it.😄
  13. Hi FM, Here is some info: 1) -- Traditional early and late seating, with plenty of tables for two. 2) -- Here is the rub on this -- the King's Court (Lido) on the QM2 is one of the worst buffet's at sea; limited selection and the service areas are all chopped up along a long area of the ship. They re-did it a couple of years ago, but it's still bad. Poor seating areas. On the Victoria, the Lido is very similar to HAL's Vista ships, and they did a pretty good job, with a nice selection of food items. 3) -- Not sure about the hydro suite and the gym is pre
  14. Very similar to the Haven on NCL and the Yacht Club on MSC. Now that Celebrity is going to "all-inclusive", It's becoming a little more upscale. I just booked an 11 day cruise on the Silhouette (2022) and I paid the most I've ever paid for a CAT 9 inside cabin. It does include all drinks, all tips, and $300 OBC -- we will see if it's worth it? Celebrity is our go-to line, but we have really been mixing it up as of late. We've cruised more on HAL and Cunard in the past three years, compared to Celebrity. We've also tried MSC Yacht Club (good, but not great), Crystal (wonderful, but expens
  15. I always tell people that Cunard is just Holland America on steroids. Except for the QM2, the Victoria and the Elizabeth are just Vista class ships, and yes Cunard is way more formal. We've been on the QM2 twice for transatlantics, as the cost difference between flying and the ship is minimal. In 2019 we joined the world cruise in San Francisco for 80 days on the Victoria. Loved every minute of it! In spite of the ship being very British, we thought the food was comparable to HAL. Entertainment was so so, but the lecture program is excellent, and the planetarium on the QM2 is a fun featu
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