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  1. Ohhhhh that’s a tough one & same decision we had to make last yr when booking ours. We went with Horizon & actually just got back Monday. Can’t go wrong with the ship. She’s a beauty. Not sure when you are planning on going but the weather was perfect every day. No overcast days, windy & warm, not stifling hot as is the case in summer. Water was beautiful at each stop. Let us know what you decide.
  2. We were on the April 6th sailing on Horizon and surprised to see an 11:30 pm buffet on lido every night. Don’t think we’ve seen a midnight buffet since our 1st sailing on Sensation in ‘97. The food was the same every night and very good. - although I did think they put way too much out for that time. The sugar cookies were great. We only ate there 2 nights but it was a welcome treat as we normally ate a late breakfast or lunch & skipped dinner on sea days. I would assume the Mardi Gras will have the same.
  3. Thx so much for sharing your cruise with us 😊 Enjoyed your review & your pics are awesome. We will set sail Saturday on this beautiful ship & after reading your review am looking forward to it even more.
  4. Thx to both of you for the info & yes, looking forward to trying an island cocktail 😊
  5. Hubs and I want to check out the nightlife on our upcoming trip and wondering if anyone has any recommendations? Some place with good music and laid back atmosphere.
  6. RTR 21-0


    Husband and I would like to check out some of the bars, music and nightlife on our upcoming visit. Carnival has an excursion going to different venues & testing a signature cocktail but we thought we would venture out on our own. Any recommendations for some places with good music and fun?
  7. We’ve signed up for the extreme zipline adventure on Carnival, sailing out next week. Wondering if anyone has done this excursion and can give me some feedback. Never ziplined before and not sure what to expect other than sliding from tree to tree 😁
  8. 👌🏻 Thank you both
  9. Has anyone done this in LaRomana? Looking for some feedback on what to expect.
  10. Loving your review. Hubs and I are flying out April 5th for this itinerary and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of it - hopefully finished before we leave 😉 Agree with you about the lax dress and unruly children in MDR. We don’t get dressed up to the nines but I do like to see folks put a little effort into their clothing choice when dining. Sometime watching the kids go undisciplined just leaves me 🤦🏼‍♀️
  11. We’ve sailed Conquest many times - love that ship. Always stayed on Verandah so that’s my vote. Convenient to the lido and promenade levels. Couple flight of stairs up/down and you’re where you need to be for most of your cruise. I have stayed in the inside cabins on another ship and while hesitant because of no windows I must say I slept like a baby in that darkened cabin. The only time I’ve stayed on rivieria level, ocean view was on the Dream and never, ever again will I stay that low. Out of 10 cruises I felt the most sway and rocking in that cabin. Felt like some serious vertigo action going on in my head a few days. 😝
  12. We’ve booked this for our upcoming cruise April 6th and would love to get some feedback from those who’ve done it. Husband and I have never ziplined but we figure why not give it a try. I’m a little hesitant but willing to try so I can scratch off the bucket list. The description said cameras aren’t allowed but can we bring a go pro or they want you to rent there? Thanks in advance for all suggestions and comments.
  13. 10 days til we fly out & same here. Keep looking at that list & it’s not getting smaller 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
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