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  1. I did a quick look through posted questions and didn’t see what I was looking for so I apologize if this has been asked & answered & TIA for any replies. Our cruise is in October & know things are ever changing day to day but I’m curious if you’re vaccinated do you fall under RC guidelines when stopping at ports and possibly show your vax card or do you have to get the PCR and submit results per port requirements?
  2. I booked with them a few weeks ago and never received an email confirmation. Had to call to get it emailed.
  3. Thx for your feedback and I feel as though I am an informed traveler. Was informed one thing and it’s not panning out the way I thought. But yes I decided this morning I’ll watch AA and go with them when it drops a bit more. Trip is a year away. Flying in early and staying two days after so delays aren’t an issue. Only reason I went with Celebrity was to defer that flight payment a little longer.
  4. First time using them and perhaps the vet celebrity cruisers can tell me if I’m misunderstanding. Booked premium economy on AA with Celebrity Saturday. I know Celebrity only books refundable flights so I did a mock booking on AA today selecting premium flexible economy (which shows “changes refunds allowed”) and the price is $456 lower than my booked rate. Called and they said their manifest showed Celebrity’s rate still lower. After we agreed to disagree he went to the AA airline site and still said AA was more expensive and if I wanted to dispute it I need to send email to supervisors wi
  5. It’s been absolutely brutal to get through to them since Saturday. Waited on hold 2 hours 30 min., someone came on the line then disconnected. Luckily there were no children around to hear my potty mouth go into action.
  6. Went ahead and booked our flights on American and United through Celebrity. Looks like I will be able to select our United seats on Sunday however American said until it’s paid we cannot choose our seats. I saw someone say Celebrity was able to do it for them. Was that prior to final payment? TIA
  7. Love aft balconies for the views and as far back as possible so there’s less foot traffic down the corridor. Only time that walk back to cabin gets to me is if I’ve had too many cocktails lol.
  8. Thx everyone for the replies and advice. Went online today & Celebrity has the dates open for itinerary. I also checked on the individual airline sites as well. I’m interested in a Delta flight that I don’t see on X. Is X able to book a requested flight or only the airlines they are contracted through and showing online?
  9. Thx everyone! I appreciate all of the feedback and it’s very helpfu sorting this out. I’ve been watching the calendars on the airline sites and our date in May isn’t open yet but I’m thinking probably in the next week. You’ve given me a lot to think about and hearing that business class can sometime be a bit less expensive through celebrity is nice. I think the only drawback from what I’ve read is not being able to choose seats until closer to flight date or at time of final payment.
  10. We have our first Celebrity cruise booked next May, departing from Rome, and considering booking our flight through Celebrity. Would like the pros and cons of those that have gone this route. Also, it will be our first international trip and curious how far in advance we should book our flight. TIA for your replies!
  11. Thank you so much! Not like Carnival at all. Move that mouse anywhere on their booking page and it almost screams at you "WAIT, don't leave us, hold your awesome cabin".🤪
  12. Can't find it anywhere. I've chosen the cabin, filled out my personal info and next page is billing with a book my cruise tab which isn't what I want to do. Have looked on the FAQ page and can't find anything. TIA
  13. We are considering a Mediterranean cruise next year and thinking about one of these cabins. For those that have stayed in a SV cabin either port, center or starboard, were you able to see the islands while docked? I know it depends on the island but it seems as though one wouldn’t be able to see that much. It’s been forever since we had an aft balcony and those were on Carnival and in the Caribbean. TIA
  14. Hello everyone, trying to avoid a call to Carnival so knowledge of & input on this is appreciated. We have a booking for next March that was moved to that date from April 2020 b/c of Covid. There is a slight possibility we won’t be able to make it in March. Wondering if we could move it to May or June w/o another deposit or moving fee & w/o losing our OBC. Since so many cancellation policies have been implemented I’m lost as to what it was earlier this year when they started giving OBC b/c of Covid related re-bookings. Thx in advance for your help.
  15. TBH I'm not sure what rate it was. It was originally an Oct 2020 Mardi Gras booking. That was cancelled b/c ship wasn't ready so we moved it to April 2020 booking which then got cancelled cause of virus. After all of the cancellations & rebooking & offers from carnival due to virus we are already ahead price wise. We're more curious but also a little greedy lol. Final payment due Dec 2020.
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