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  1. We loved Harvest Caye -- was way nicer than I imagined. Loved the large pool area and the sand was nice and smooth. Water was way better than in Bahamas -- warmer, calmer and clearer.
  2. Great topic. I'm astounded by the difference in prices for different cruises. Someone said the water park cabana was $299 on their cruise and it's listed at $1,800 for mine.
  3. Wonderful, thanks. And I understand taxis that give tours have a blue card or flag or something to differentiate themselves from other taxis? Do you know how much they tend to cost pp?
  4. Thank you both for your responses. We'll be there Thursday, April 9th I think so no ferries. We're from Asheville, NC now, Maryland before -- so the kids may enjoy the beach still, but definitely a no for me. If the ferry isn't going because of time of year, are there other alternatives?
  5. Hey CC. My family and I are taking the Escape to Bermuda for 1 day -- really more for relaxing days then to visit a port, but excited to go to Bermuda for the first time. I'm not convinced we'll be able to get into the water in early April though -- although my kids might. I was thinking we would take the minibus to Horseshoe Bay Beach. Thoughts on alternatives that the kids would enjoy yet doesn't require getting in the water? Thanks in advance!
  6. Escape is still my favorite ship. We too sailed her in the Haven in 2017. Can't wait to read more. We're on her again in April!
  7. I can't say enough how Onda was my best meal on the ship. Vibe definitely sold at The Social.
  8. You said you dream of clear waters .... I'd always choose a 7 day over a 5 day, but especially because you want clear water. I'd pick western Caribbean over the Bahamas any day of the week. In Ochos Rios, go to Blue Hole. My whole family still talks about this excursion we did 2 years ago. Cozumel go to Jade Caverns (the retirees may or may not be able to do this) and Grand Cayman go out and pet and touch the Rays and see starfish island. Enjoy!
  9. Some do not. We just sailed on the Encore and ours as well as our kids' (connecting), both had tubs, but they do have some just showers.
  10. When I've visited Harvest Caye, I've seen the other areas available for rental in advance, but not the clamshells -- I've only seen that on board and yes, excursion credit comes out after that port visits. They don't have any other beach umbrellas. We did parasailing there and we did pre book -- I'm certain that they have activities available to book on board as well as once you arrive, but we booked everything in advance. HTH.
  11. When they were young, we were able to pull off the OV with all of us in one room, but with kids 16,15, and 10 -- one bathroom is no bueno. We regularly do connecting balconies and just did connecting mini suites and it was fantastic. We've also done Haven 2BR suite -- just depends on ship and time of sailing as others have said. Definitely want to call or ask your travel agent to book to ensure the cabins are linked as you do have to put one adult over 21 in each room. It really bites because if you want to be connected, can't do the upgrades! Have fun! The kids will love it!
  12. You can definitely purchase a week pass, but don't know if you can share it with your kids. We did an hourly pass and then you swipe your cabin card on each "ride" or "game." It seems you'd be able to share it on the game ones, but I'm not sure if the ones that have staff manning them would allow it. The crew was very knowledgeable once on board. I'm sure it's just that it's a new ship.
  13. We just got off the ship and had an amazing time. The food and entertainment was phenomenal. Customer service was really really good. As others have said, if you have an issue, go and talk to someone about it. I had two issues and they made them right immediately both times. Seriously fantastic. We were in a mini suite and really enjoyed the bigger bathroom.
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