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  1. Definitely following along. We board next Saturday! 🙂 amcb
  2. We also had the Nevis excursion booked and just received notice of the cancellation.
  3. Great to know about being able to order large bottles of San Pellegrino at dinner. DH and I enjoy sparkling water so it's great to know it's available around the ship!
  4. You bet! I will do my best to take notes and report back. 🙂 amcb
  5. That sounds wonderful and answers the question I was just about to ask. We are on Summit in a week and a half and I wasn't sure if it was too much to ask for an appetizer from Blu or MDR and entree from Luminae or vice versa. It sounds like on the Millennium class ships it's very doable. 🙂 amcb
  6. How did they handle excursions? We are booked on Summit in a week and have prebooked all our excursions through the Celebrity. Did they give you a decent amount of notice? 🙂 amcb
  7. So have they actually streamlined the testing to just be one test? Or is it still unclear? 🙂 amcb
  8. Yep. That's what I'm seeing too. I was hoping for someone with real life experience. We're going to end up doing two tests. Which just makes me wonder whether it makes sense to just do the second one in St. Maarten.
  9. Has anyone used CVS for their test? If so, what is the turnaround like? We have a late flight Thursday and I was hoping a Wednesday test would work for both St. Maarten and Celebrity. But it only works with a quick turnaround.
  10. I asked my travel agent the exact same question yesterday!!
  11. Oh boy. This is getting even more confusing! But I really appreciate you trying to clarify! 🙂 amcb
  12. This is a great question. It would make things much easier if Celebrity would simply come out with a statement as to whether or not they will accept the Walgreens NAAT test. 🙂 amcb
  13. That's so bizarre. I'm on my computer now. Rebooted and still not showing up. But it is consistent with the email I received. Both say 72 hours before arrival in St. Maarten for the test so hopefully one will suffice for both entrance requirements and Celebrity! Thanks again! 🙂 amcb
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