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  1. Hi all. I was hoping that someone might have a suggestion for a hotel in Hong Kong for a family of 5 (mom, dad, kids-13, 12, 8). Not finding much that can accommodate all of us without having to book two rooms. Ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, amcb
  2. We faced this issue for the first time on our last cruise, as it was our first cruise with our oldest having just turned twelve. They do not have to sign in/sign out as many of the activities are in different locations on the ship and they just meet there. For instance they had a dodgeball tournament on the sports court, so everyone went straight there. In terms of communication, we would look at the event times, tell our son where we would be, and give him a time that he needed to report in with us. It worked surprisingly well. I will say that although our son is not the most social of kids, he did find a small group of other boys to hang out with, and they all seemed to have a wonderful time. 🙂 amcb
  3. Up until 2 years ago, we had never done a Caribbean cruise! All of our cruises were in Europe, and we’ve been cruising for almost 20 years! As other posters have commented, it’s a great way to get an overview and then decide where you might want to spend more time. With children in particular, it’s great to know that you only have to pack and unpack once, and that you’ll go back to a familiar place every evening for a nice dinner while someone else worries about getting you from place to place. For us, with 3 young children, it was an easy choice.
  4. Very interesting articles. Thanks very much for sharing. How do the general guidelines change for children? Say DS-12, DD-11 and DD-7? 🙂 amcb
  5. Thanks, Travelgrrl, that sounds interesting! We haven't seen that on any of our Med cruises, but this will be our first time in Venice. I do recall people going all out for the white party. Still curious about people's take on recent dinner attire. Do people still dress nicer than on US departure cruises? We had only sailed in Europe up to 5 years ago, and were very surprised at the difference in sailing out of US ports. I realize that 5 years can make a huge difference which is why I'm asking. 🙂 amcb
  6. Slightly off topic, but related. In the past when we have cruised in Europe, we have found people to be dressed quite nicely in the evenings on board, much more so than on our cruises sailing from the US (Alaska, NE/Canada, Caribbean). People also seemed to get really excited about the theme nights and seemed to really prepare for them. It's been about 5 years since our last cruise out of Europe and I wanted to see if people still found that to be the case. Thanks in advance, amcb
  7. I suspected that might be the case. Thanks so much for the quick response. 🙂 amcb
  8. Hi all, Just checking to see if anyone knew if there was a lunch option for suites on boarding day? I can't remember what the options are on the smaller ships. I want to say on Grandeur we just went to the Windjammer, but I honestly can't remember. Also, does anyone know if the suite breakfast is in Chops or Giovanni's? Thanks in advance, 🙂 amcbr
  9. Hi all, I was hoping someone could let me know if there's a good beach near the port in Villefranche or a beach club/hotel that does day passes. This is our first day of the cruise, followed by 3 really intensive port days (Florence, Rome and Pompeii). We are a family of 5 (mom, dad, DS -12, DD-11, and DD-7). Understanding that the 3 intensive days of sightseeing are going to be a lot for the kids, we thought starting them off with a beach day might be a good idea. Any other suggestions for fun, relaxing, not stressful activities would also be welcome!! Thanks in advance, 🙂 amcb
  10. Jackie101, if you click on the image of a person in the top right hand corner it should give you your profile info. Your cruise might appear there. If not, on that page, scroll all the way down and see if you can add it by clicking on "select a different sailing"
  11. Hello! I'm trying to check in our family for our upcoming cruise using the app. We have two reservations because we are a family of 5 and they will only put 4 people on a reservation. How can I check in the second reservation using the app? Thanks in advance, amcb
  12. Hello Everyone. More questions on the Royal app. My DD who is 10, was trying to sign up for the app but it said she had to be 13 to use it. Is this correct? Seems to limit the usefulness for the chat feature it keeps reminding me about if that is the case. Thanks in advance, amcb
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