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  1. We embarked Cape Liberty in the snow and just say the bridge as we went under it. next day didn't have any sign of bad weather for the rest of the cruise. The crew were having fun throwing snowballs at each other.
  2. When on Anthem in November i was able to get it on a slot machine and then just cash it out.
  3. I do this for all of my cruises and just call C&A number 1 800 526 9723 let them know the booking number how and much. Done in a couple of minutes without any problem. They will e-mail a receipt to you which you can print and bring with you. On the ship is a note in cabin saying you have a credit on your account.
  4. Thank you very much for getting that information. Enjoy the cruise and have fun with the flash mob, you may have two left feet but more courage than I would have.
  5. Looks like you are having a fun cruise. Can you check for the price of the Sip Tour Brunch. My DW works in a kitchen and would like to do this. TIA
  6. Four of us had dinner on Anthem Oct 27th and I can say one of the worst dinners we tried to eat. salad bar was very sparse hot apps were on individual plates so we had to make repeat trips for more than two small bites. the mains that were served to us, two chicken kabob with orzo were so dry that they were inedible, salmon was overcooked and mahi mahi didn't fair any better. I am a cook and the food would not have even made it to the table. Server started with trying to upsell the steak and when declined served the mains and never returned. We got up to leave and told the maître' d and said
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