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  1. I saw Princess' gift cards on AARP's website yesterday. Are they as flexible to use as carnival's? I hope so since Carnival owns Princess. I purchased RCL before but they are a pain to use. Thanks!
  2. Do you pay at hotel or shuttle driver?
  3. We will be going to the Crown Plaza Tower. Any advise how to get there?
  4. But did you book a balcony and 6ms out, which would have allow two anyway?
  5. Is there a way to tell which ship/date/itinerary allow two certificates? I used one last time from NY. Booked sorta last minute and for the inside cabin. I just lucked out on that I guess? Hoping there is a list somewhere. I was going to use one for Cuba but the person I talked to told me it has to be for cruises are 7 days or longer so I booked with another cruise line. Turns out you can use it for the Cuba after all. Anyway, I still have two that are valid to April 2020. By the way, does anyone know if this is a booked by or cruised by date? Thanks!
  6. How did you cancel the reward? I purchased the 10% reward and found other option with 10% so I tried to cancel the reward but there is not an option to cancel that particular reward. I have canceled other before so I know there are options but not for the 10%.
  7. Can we bring wine on this five days trip? Have never sail less than seven before. Thanks!
  8. Is it doable to go to Moscow when your ship is in SP?
  9. Thanks! Good to know. This gives me knowledge to compare the two. The OBC and perks are more valuable then points so I will just book outright the cabin I want then get statement credit. I need to book soon since my points expired in Feb, 2019.
  10. I hope it means more days in Cuba though. I do see 7 and 9 days posted for 2018 but they actually only stay one day in Cuba.
  11. If I book an inside room then use points to upgrade to outside, will I get perks associate with outside?
  12. Got it! It wasn't until you mentioned the pin that I went back to the email and saw the "actual card" with the GC number and pin. Prior to that I printed out the receipt from AARP and it did not show number/pin. Thank you!
  13. Ok. So I purchased $500 Ecard. What are my options now? Print out receipt and take it with me on my cruise? Add to my existing reservation? What is the safest ways to handling this?
  14. No need to waste color. B/W is fine. Sent from my RCT6303W87DK using Forums mobile app
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