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  1. This is my first time on Oasis class so It will be an adventure. The largest I have take is Freedom class. Looking forward to it. My partner doesn’t like to cruise so he is staying home with the dogs. This is my time to unplug and recharge. Safe travels to the port!
  2. I'm looking forward to this cruise. It should be a blast!
  3. Do they accept Nexus when coming back from a cruise? I have it. A few years back, I had Global Entry and they said this was only in airports. IO have a cruise in a few weeks and am curious if I should bring my card.
  4. I cruise solo al the time and have never run into trouble with customs. I just get funny looks when I go to dinner, am taken to a table for two, then the servers realize that nobody else is coming. Have fun!
  5. If you take your bags off, I agree that 11:00ish would be OK. If you plan to put them out the night before and pick them up in port, I wouldn't book flights until after 1:00. Bags roll out with the release sequence. You might be able to set up a port to airport transfer through RCCL and they can tell you the best time. I am embarking right after you leave and booked a 4:00 return flight and a post-cruise excursion that include airport transfer. Bon Voyage!
  6. The secret to not getting locked out is to make sure you "exit cruise planner" and not just leave the site. If you do, you get locked out for about 15-30 minutes.
  7. I had that happen too. The website is a mess while they rebuild it. After loggin in, there should be a button to add a cruise to the profile. I booked a cruise the other day while logged in and the C&A number didn’t attach to it. (Which explains why I also had 0 cruises.) I was able to connect it to my profile, but couldn’t add the number until time to check in. Hope this helps.
  8. I often use this site to search cabins before booking. You have to give an email address to see the review, but they don’t spam you. http://deckplangenius.com/CruiseShips.aspx
  9. I use it often. The fares are similar to airline sites. The good thing is the guaranteed arrival. If there are problems or delays, they make sure you got on board... even at the next port. Peace of mind. I had a cruise where there were flight cancellations due to ice storms. I changed my reservation and flew out a day earlier. The next day, they were calling to see where I was and make sure everything was OK.
  10. You will find it in two places. It’s part of your eDocs and is usually around the last page. When you do the online check in, there is also a link to print. I just printed mine for an August cruise.
  11. I encourage you to take a ship excursion if this is your first time. You will have fun, be cared for, and the activities are vetted by the cruise line...especially in Cozumel and Jamaica. Cayman is easy to navigate and explore.
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