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  1. Ooooh where can I find the Oceania new itineraries?! I’m anxious to see them (along with Celebrity).
  2. Good day all. I'm looking at taking my first solo cruise and doing a transatlantic in the fall 2022. I've never sailed Celebrity or Princess but both have a great itinerary (Celebrity Reflection and either Sky or Enchanted Princess). Wanted to get some advice from all the solo cruisers out there which would be better for a 50 year old guy. Good food and places to mingle are definitely important. I'm not a late night guy. Just looking to relax and also meet some interesting people and have a quality vacation. Look forward to your insights.
  3. I’m curious why the solo pricing is so top secret?! Oceania said they won’t release solo pricing until Sept 15. Bizarre.
  4. It’s a brand new requirement effective arrivals on September 4: https://www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus-covid-19/news/2021/09/03/changes-regarding-high-risk-and-very-high-risk-areas Changes regarding countries outside the EU Outside the EU, the US, Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia will be designated very high-risk areas as of 4 September 0:01 am. Travellers from these areas can only enter the Netherlands if they are fully vaccinated or fall under one of the exemption categories for the EU entry ban. As of 4 September 9:00 am they will also be required to comply with the mandatory quarantine requirement. As of 6 September 9:00 am, travellers from these areas must also show a negative test result. Proof of recovery or vaccination will no longer be sufficient. Lebanon will be designated a high-risk area and fall under the EU entry ban as of 4 September 0:01 am, with fully vaccinated travellers exempt from the entry ban. The current COVID certificate requirement will remain unchanged.
  5. I’m curious how the solo stateroom pricing will look. No prices listed!
  6. Ah ok! Then I trust your info! Do you happen to know the date and number of nights?
  7. Yes! Hopefully we will know when more info is released. They really haven’t shown much of the ship itself. That would help too.
  8. This is the O ship. You’re not looking at the new Vista deck plan. There is clearly teak on the sides of Vista. Take a look again specifically at the Vista deck plan.
  9. How sure are we about the transatlantic from Southampton to NY? I think Vista would remain in the Med and depart from there.
  10. Thank you! Definitely looks like an open promenade on deck 6. There are doors to go out. Hooray.
  11. Hopefully someone will Have the itineraries before September 9 and can post here. 😊
  12. Do my eyes deceive me or does it appear that there is somewhat of a promenade outdoor area on both sides of deck 6? I truly hope so! This is similar to the Regent Explorer & Splendor. I love this idea and hope it’s acct.
  13. Thank you!! This is just what I wanted!
  14. I was just wondering the same thing. I'm looking at the Sojourn Transatlantic in Oct, 2023 and it falls during Halloween. Would be fun for sure!
  15. Do you think vaccinations will be required into 2023? I know that's a long time away but do you think the cruising industry will want this all the time now? Personally, I don't want this shot every year to be honest. I get it now but don't want this as part of my yearly routine. Just my opinion.
  16. Correct, not identical....but similar. I think the size and shape of Vista will likely resemble the O ships and then they will change some things around. Hopefully they will have some "promenade" space on either side like the R ships and the new Regent ships. That would be very nice.
  17. Very impressed! Modern and stylish! I'm thrilled they have a large walk-in shower! The room sizes and window/balcony positions look very similar to Riviera and Marina. I wonder if the Vista will be identical with a few tweaks. I'm booking for sure!
  18. Congrats to the city of Venice! Finally a city is standing up to over-tourism. This is great news for this amazing city!
  19. Congrats to the city of Venice! This is good news and will help protect this amazing city for years to come.
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