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  1. Yes, we are in agreement. No masks only applies to ship of fully vaccinated people. I assumed that would be the way all the cruise lines would approach it in the beginning. I'm a little bit surprised at the decision to mix vaccinated and unvaccinated people on the same ship.
  2. And as we move forward we will get more data and be able to make educated adjustments. We have only been vaccinating people for about 90 days. In another 90 we will know a lot more and I would expect changes to the CDC guidance. I would prefer to err on the side of caution. mac_tlc I can understand that approach. For me, it's a no cruise until the mask requirements are gone. Having said that, I don't begrudge anyone and certainly understand those that are ready to begin cruising at all costs!
  3. Actually, it would appear that the newest studies from Israel are showing that the vaccines do drastically (94%) reduce transmission as well. Follow that with the knowledge that the CDC now says fully vaccinated individuals can safely hang out together "indoors" and it appears the CDC concurs with the studies. If everyone on board is fully vaccinated, there's no need for masks. https://www.verywellhealth.com/pfizer-vaccine-prevents-covid-transmission-5116193
  4. Hello...thank you for posting updates. I wondered if you could tell me how the children on board tolerated the PCR test? I had assumed that by now, RCI would have used the saliva test that's widely available, but apparently the nasal swab is being used. You mentioned it being uncomfortable (as an adult). I'm curious how the kids are doing with the pre-board testing. Thank you again!
  5. I'd be very curious to know how the little kids are handling the nasal swab. I have a 5 year old daughter and don't think she would do well with it. I see a few kids in the videos however, so I guess some are tolerating it well.
  6. I've been following this thread and am hopeful that MSC can pull it off. We are thinking about a cruise from the USA in April 2021. I realize that everything can and likely will change by then, but as of today, I'm worried about the nasal swab. I've had one done and they aren't much fun. We have a 5 year old that will be tough to test. Hoping the saliva test is widespread by then. She has no problem producing plenty of spit!
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