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  1. Hope everyone has heard by now. Cruise cancelled with refund and 25 percent future credit. Just in time for us to not catch our flight.... D
  2. Seattle said there would be a communication by close of (their ) business today about the cruise but so far nothing - agree with the comment about corporate office! D
  3. Found a letter from Celebity on that board. Hope I have attached it CS-4-1-20-Sailing-Cancellation-Guest-Letter-3-8-20.pdf
  4. I read it on the CC News post dated 8 march as to which ports are closed
  5. We have our documents and labels and the itinerary was sent through by Seabourn by email again last week. But now see that UAE have closed their ports as well. We’re also leaving shortly so hope for some communication soon....
  6. We have our documents and labels and the itinerary was sent through by Seabourn by email again last week.have you checked with your agent?
  7. We normally just give something to our stewardess as anything else ( other than the crew fund) is a bit random as so many staff provide excellent service. D
  8. I’d recommend telephoning the number on the site. I had a different problem which was solved very promptly after talking with them. D
  9. Yes, who knows??? the 42 day version is still showing the original itinerary. It’s just wait and see for us We have plans in and afterAthens so as long as we get there It’ll be a positive result! D
  10. Hi Flaming June Sorry you’ve had such a roller coaster ride. We haven’t been notified of another change yet. I actually liked the new itinerary and for various reasons would be very happy to never see Yangon again. But. We’ll wait and see.... One good thing - after talking to Seabourn and our TA we are still having our stay in lovely Singapore and then flying out from there to Colombo on the 13th. D
  11. We don’t mind the new itinerary as we’ve been to Phuket and Yangon before and weren’t planning anything ... BUT ... Colombo seems to be a very difficult place to get to without going through Singapore if you live in Perth. Much thinking to be done.
  12. We don’t mind the new itinerary ... but the only practical way to get to Colombo from Perth is via Singapore so would we be denied boarding? More questions than answers at the moment
  13. That’s appalling. Seabourn may lose some loyal customers by acting so inconsiderately. What a disappointment for you and everyone in the same situation Glad you’ve been able to change flights and that Singapore didn’t disappoint but that’s probably cold comfort. Safe travels. I can’t even think what your jet lag will be like. D
  14. That’s dreadful westiesheepie! Are they offering you any help at all? We are supposed to be boarding in four weeks from Singapore and some very expensive upgrade offers just came through which seems a bit odd if Singapore is now too risky for them... D
  15. We’ve also travelled on all three classes and have enjoyed them all. We were on the Ovation last year and didn’t find it crowded at all even though it was pretty much at capacity. We liked most of the layout changes a lot, particularly liked the TK Bar and the sushi restaurant . The suite didn’t feel noticeably smaller. The retreat was however empty every time we peeked, the tables were too close together in the TK Grill and we didn't like the new unmanned Colonnade island layout very much. On balance we thought it was on equal footing with the O class and will very happily join it in Singapore next month. D
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