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  1. On full transit Going from mia-to la. Is there a better side of the ship?
  2. I screwed up on my dates. The Encore Jan 16th is the same price as Joy Feb 16th. Encore Feb is $2k more. If you can go Jan that is the one I think is best. But there is a huge difference in the Joy/Encore in Feb.
  5. Wonderful to hear from someone who has done both. Thank you! Seems unanimous!!
  6. Joy 1/16/21 Encore 2/16/21 Holding Haven Aft On each Just got off Encore Haven’t been on Joy Thank you so much in advance!!
  7. Could someone find the link for me. Thanks There was one which told sizes, and which deck had which configuration with bathroom near or away from balcony I just got off encore and had deck 9 which was huge. It's not available on the sailing I want but 11 is. How is that configuration for anyone who has seen both?
  8. There’s only two things that really make the plus worth it. If you’re a champagne lover, or appreciate the expensive scotch, brandy etc. I drank 6-8 glasses of Veuve @ $35 which would be +$20x7=$140. Cost me $29. Plus bottle water at meals, small bottles to bring yo room, fresh oj and capaccino every night. My hubby drank MAcallan which was also $35/drink. Sometimes I ordered a bottle of Moët instead of Veuve by the glass to have it handy and cold. But sometimes after one glass of Veuve, they’d just bring The bottle. Service with a smile was their motto otherwise for regular nice d
  9. Just got off the Encore on the 2/2 cruise. We are a couple in our late 60's. We booked a Haven aft suite and wouldn't have traded it for the world. How can I explain why our cruise was so great? I was treated like a movie star. The Haven restaurant is so amazing, that if I had to do it over again, I don't know if I'd eat anywhere else. The attitude of the staff was gracious and white glove. We upgraded to the premium plus beverage, as we like to indulge in our drinks. It was totally amazing. I've been home 2 days and it's like it was a dream. The escort service to any shows, the get
  10. I have invited 40-50 people to watch sailaway from my balcony. What are the odds the butler would provide me with some platters of snacks by 4PM. Has anyone been successful with this request before? I have written the concierge, but just wondering if anyone has personal experience with this. Thank you.
  11. Two quick questions. Are the only free bottles the 15 or so listed? Are there any dry whites in the list? Yes I’m going to think outside the box and try plenty. This is a wine tasting time, I wil try the Chenin Blanc. Did you see any others by the glass that are worthy? I feel like I’m spending a lot and not getting great choices. Appreciate your input plus I used to be exit 145😀
  12. So I upgraded to the PPBP because I like to drink Veuve, or I'll try the Moet. However, if after spending all this money, I want a glass of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, which isn't very expensive.....do I understand correctly that I have to pay for the bottle less 40%? What is the thinking behind free Moet by the bottle but not a bottle of wine that cost half as much? Doesn't seem right that after paying $500 for us to upgrade the pkg., I still have to pay for a mid priced white wine that they have.
  13. Well thank you. On our upcoming cruise, I booked Le Bistro, Onda, Cagney. Should I bail on Cagney? Would try Ocean Blue, but have heard so so things. Thanks
  14. So do you think that they are buying different filets for Cagney's vs. Onda,Le Bistro or the Haven? I'm not sure why people say the filet is so much better in Onda or one of the others. I could see the filet being different in the main dining room, but do you think they order different qualities for each of the specialty restaurants?
  15. what do they do if they don't go to the island? on encore it was supposed to be a sea day originally. is that what it turns into?
  16. I hope that’ll be the case, but I’ve read on recent Encore reviews it no longer is included by the bottle just by the glass
  17. Since I'm a Veuve diehard, I'll order a glass and a bottle of Moet and do a taste test my first night
  18. When was your Breakawy sailing? I'm on Encore 2/2 and hope I don't experience this. However, I have no qualms about saying something, lol
  19. This might mean cold breakfast cause we’re in an aft suite!
  20. Can you order breakfast room service from the Haven menu?
  21. Yes, call and ask them to double check on the later one. I don't know how it could be sold out when no one even knows about it because it wasn't listed in the planner. I often get different answers depending on who you speak with!! I was told they always do have two times because the catamaran drops you off, and goes back for the next group. Good luck! I heard its a great excursion.
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