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  1. We’re considering a cruise that would fall over Christmas and New Year’s. Besides decorations...what do the ships do special? When we went at Easter there were chocolate bunnies and eggs displayed for the taking. Anything like that? We’ll have a 10yo with us. Thanks!!!
  2. Like previous poster said, there was a member that posted a detailed account of what happened to him when he was left in the Bahamas. Reading it, I felt every emotion that man must have went through at the time. I wish I could remember who it was, but it was interesting to read the detailed account of how it happened and everything he went through afterwards. It was not easy at all...he was left with no passport, barely any money and with no family. Maybe he will happen to see this and post the link to it again. I couldn't imagine..... I often joke and say they could leave me
  3. Thank you so much for this info!!! That will help if I can get them closer to the ship. I'm after the ones with the port locations on them. I saw them back in 2016 and purchased one thinking I could get the rest online once I got home....that is not the case. They are only available in certain locations and if you do find them online they're an arm and a leg! On the beach pollution issue, I'm thinking of trying Mullet Bay Beach. What do you guys think of that option? Thanks!!!
  4. Two questions....are there restrooms there? How long of a ride is it from port? Thanks!
  5. Thank you for confirming Karysa….better to know and be safe! Now I need to make alternate plans and I'm not sure what to do. We are just doing a beach day, but I also need to hit up the Alex & Ani store for some bracelets so I don't want to get too far out of my way.
  6. Does the beach area in front of Holland House fall into the polluted area? If we were planning our day there, should we go elsewhere? Thank you!!!
  7. We'll be in a suite on Navigator next month...if I remember, I'll come back to this thread and update with what our experience is. This is a first time suite experience for us so I'll have nothing to compare it to otherwise.
  8. Hello, We've been to PR several times and we love it every time. We've done the forts and we've walked OSJ. We were hoping to do a rain forest excursion this go round for something different, however, our port time got shortened and there isn't enough time to get that in now. It is myself, my husband and our 9yo. Any suggestions on something else to do to enjoy our time there? I always hit Baracchina's for a pina colada....that's a must. If it was just my husband and I we could do anything, but with our 9yo....we are looking for a way for him to still have fun.
  9. Hello, Just a couple quick questions...we are doing the Holland House for the first time on our upcoming trip. I believe we take the water taxi across and then it will be a little ways to our right? Do we secure our chairs/umbrella with someone outside or do we need to go inside? There will be three of us... Does it fill up quickly? I want to hit the Alex & Ani for some bracelets and thought it might be good to go there first before we get all sandy and wet. Looks like the store opens at 9am. Would we be okay to go to Holland House after? Thank you!
  10. I definitely think it's going to be decided on a day to day basis. We have a trip coming up in early August and I've been wondering if it will be settled by then too. No way for any of us to know. Has everyone that has been diverted just had a sea day instead?
  11. Tres Palmas Inn was FABULOUS. It's close to the port, ocean front and super affordable. Look up their website....I highly recommend.
  12. I know you cannot wait for this weekend!!! I'm thrilled to see you chose the same hotel we did. I would love to hear what you think of the hotel. I don't think it has self laundry services, but I'm curious about a place to do a little laundry there because this will be the start of a second week for us. So excited for you guys....enjoy and we are along for the ride!
  13. Help!!!! Here's our scenario: Hubby, myself and our 9yo are currently booked in a panorama suite on Navigator. We received a RoyalUp offering Owner's Suite or Grand Suite starting as low as $120pp for either room. We are already getting suite perks because of our panorama suite, but would we get anything more by upgrading? Which room would you go for and why...or would you go for both because the price is the same. I'm perfectly fine in our panorama suite....just wanting to weigh the benefits if any.
  14. If people don't opt for the RoyalUp then it's possible to have rooms stay empty. It was a fair question.....
  15. Just curious to do a recent check-in to see if anyone has received a complimentary upgrade since the implementation of the RoyalUp program? Is our upgrade fairy still out there somewhere? Thanks!
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